TODAY   |  February 27, 2015

2 ‘mompreneurs’ launch successful businesses

Soleil Moon Frye shares the stories of two successful businesswomen who have been able to juggle motherhood with being at the helms of their own companies.

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>>> we're back now with two mothers who turned small ideas into big business . we reached out on our website and to soleil moon frye 's community and found moms wanting to share.

>> host of season three of homemade simple on the home network . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a momma to be.

>> i know my belly is getting bigger by the moment.

>> we found great momprenuers. one mom, we found her on our website take a look.

>> erin is proof that good ideas come to those who wait. pregnant with twins, she spent 62 days on bedrest in 2000 . with time on her hands she created custom thank you cards from her home printer. friends and family started asking her to make personalized stationary and holiday cards. one turned to three, turning her children's play room into a makeshift office. today she operates out of a 40,000 square foot facility and boasts over 100 employees and 1,000 customers every two days.

>> and erin joins us with her products here. congratulations.

>> thank you. it's great to be here.

>> your story is great because it not only shows what you have done but i think also talks about the power of you have a simple idea and then it's all about like giving back but then also giving them more than they expect. giving the customer more than they expect. you started off when they would request one stationary set you would send two. so word of mouth spread fast.

>> i found out quickly how viral paper is. someone would order holiday cards and order 50 holiday cards and i would think if i give her 100, 50 more people would learn about it.

>> that's genius.

>> the most valuable was my time. if i already designed it and i'm going to print 50, print 50 more.

>> brilliant marketing.

>> what is it about this product that sets you apart. i've seen stationary before but i don't think i've seen this kind of stationary and other people succeed the way you have.

>> a lot has involved into time management tools and you need to figure out, especially if you have kids at home, i have a little bit of time, how do i maximize that time? i used to put on the coffee pot at 7:30 when i put them down and print like mad. so i would maximize that time. a lot is built around that.

>> we love what you have done.

>> thank you.

>> now, let's take a look at our second story and this one was found on soleil moon frye 's site. take a look.

>> she started hedgehouse in 2011 . a line of linens and throw beds. tired of watching her favorite pillows and couches get ruined she made a few portable ones for her children to play on. she soon discovered she had something stylish on her hands. she sold her goods at craft fairs and now it's sold in 47 stores nationwide. her work, world, and family life are always joined as her bedroom is her office, her warehouse is the garage, and her family, very much a part of the mix.

>> and she joins us now. you actually had two failures with companies before this came about.

>> 2,000 failures.

>> well but it's an important point. some people would give up but you kept going, why?

>> i'm insane. but no, you know, it's important. my mother was an artist. my father is an artist. my sister is a jewelry designer. i'm always creating things and always making things and i've failed a lot and i just keep going.

>> i am your biggest fan and when i got her letter, i'm such a huge fan, especially being pregnant this has been a savior for me, how do you put a value on your goods. that's a big question. how do you price your pieces?

>> quality number one. everything here is top of the line , the best and versatility. how often you can use it in a million different ways and wash washability.

>> and when you have the hard times you get back up again.

>> you keep going.

>> we're out of times. ladies, congratulations. erin , come on over. we're back in a moment.