TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Colbert revels in Emmy win in front of Jon Stewart

After ending Jon Stewart’s 10-year winning streak for best variety show, Stephen Colbert invites the “Daily Show” host onto his program to gloat. But Stewart wasn’t as crushed as Colbert would have liked.

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>> no hard feelings, steven colbert is celebrating a big win. not only did he get the emmy for best variety show but he snapped the ten year winning streak in that category by john stewart from the daily show . so like the true gentleman he is, he called his old friend to gloat.

>> well, the only thing left to do right now is to give john a call and wish him a sincere bite me. okay. there we go.

>> hello, steven. you guys are awesome. i just stopped by to congratulate you.

>> john, why can't you just be upset, okay? it's really important to me that i have crushed you.

>> i would, but i can't because i'm an executive producer on your show, so i won again, [ bleep ].

>> that's great.

>> they deserve it clearly.