TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Blake Shelton: I had hard time putting team together

The country singer and coach of the hit singing competition “The Voice” speaks with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about his struggles putting a team together on the reality competition this season, saying that fellow coach Adam Levine stole some of his favorite picks.

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>>> in season five of the hit nbc reality competition "the voice," the original coaches are reunited. that's one of my favorite songs. especially when blake shelton and adam levine compete for contestants.

>> i think he's a great artist adam . that's why i hit my button because i believe in him. not because i was curious of what he looked like or what the noise was he was making or how he configured his bow tie to make weird sounds out of it. i believe in this guy.

>> good morning to you.

>> i was really getting on to him there, wasn't i?

>> you were.

>> makes me happy. i live to make him feel bad about himself.

>> you're encourageable.

>> i don't know what that means but okay.

>> let me ask you a question, have you ever won the show?

>> it seems like the last three times or something.

>> yeah, you have three out of four seasons you've won? isn't it boring if you win again?

>> no it's not. it maybe to you but it's very exciting to me.

>> not so exciting for your fellow coaches.

>> screw them. screw them. that's my competition. i don't care if they like it or not.

>> is it getting to the point where now -- you guys are supposed to be fighting over the contestants but are the contestants wanting to choose you because you have a good record?

>> i had a hard time getting people to come with me this year on my team and adam had good points about -- he threw out stuff about the nba and about how nobody ever won four of anything in a row. i can't remember what the stats were but he actually got in some of these people's heads and, man, stole a lot of people. i had a hard time putting my team together this year.

>> you and adam , you do seem to have a special relationship . a little bit of tension there.

>> tension?

>> i don't know what kind --

>> like a little --

>> i don't know. what would you say?

>> i would say where there's smoke, there's fire. we're very attracted to each other. but i'm already married. so it's never going to work.

>> in another life perhaps.

>> right. right.

>> you got cher as one of your mentors. i don't think anyone would naturally put you two together but she said she had a great time.

>> i love her. she is exactly -- looking back on all the movies and things she has been in, she's just playing herself. because being around her she's that person. she is very -- she doesn't take herself that seriously but she doesn't take any crap off of anybody either. she reminds me -- actually reminds me of my wife a lot as far as she is just a very strong woman and a lot of fun to be around.

>> miranda is a very patient woman isn't she? i hear you pester her all the time.

>> why would you say that.

>> it's just the word on the street , from miranda. now tell me about this tattoo you have. cee lo has a big head tattoo now.

>> it's on the back, like, lower back area.

>> really?

>> no, it's just -- i just have it right here.

>> can you show it to us.

>> i don't know if i can get my sleeve up that far.

>> i'm sure you can. it's a lady bug .

>> no it's not.

>> what is it?

>> it is supposed to be deer tracks. but there's a chance that i had been drinking somewhere in the vicinity of that time and i had to draw the guy what i thought a deer track looked like so he gave me the tattoo that i drew for him but it sucks.

>> maybe he was drinking too.

>> yeah.

>> every time i see you, i always look and smell just to make sure.

>> what is wrong with you. carson just won the emmy. he's still celebrating over there.

>> tell me about it. we call him emmy winner carson daly now.

>> do you really?

>> yeah.

>> he likes that i'm sure. he was showing me the trophy.

>> three time winner of the voice, blake shelton . thank you