TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Shoppers find $100 bills hidden in grocery items

More than $2,000 worth of $100 dollar bills have been found in store items like chocolate bars and cookie boxes around stores in Salem, Ore. For some lucky recipients, it is a blessing at just the right time.

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>> day. especially when the surprise win win -- wind fall was put there on purpose.

>> somebody is taking a page from charlie and the chocolate factory .

>> i opened it up and a $100 bill fell out.

>> $100 bills are showing up in every day products.

>> there were three boxes left and i turned them over and there was another $100 bill .

>> and ice cream cones .

>> when we got home, they were getting their ice cream and they were like we found $100 and i was like this can't be real.

>> and yes, even a chocolate bar . just who left the money repairs a mystery but the $2,000 that's found so far is helping every day people in need of luck like phil who is making daily visits to his sick girlfriend at a local hospital.

>> it's come at an opportune time for me.

>> as the sweet message of simple acts of kindness reaches beyond the candy aisle.

>> my kids and i are going to do something with it so pay it forward.

>> store managers say they don't know where the money came from but they confirm that the $100 bills are real.