TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Vine star BatDad: ‘I’m just a normal dad’

Blake Wilson, the man behind the mask of viral Vine video sensation BatDad, talks to TODAY about why he decided to make videos with funny parenting quips, launching him into cyber-superstardom.

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>>> today we have been taking a look at all aspects of parenting but now a lighter side. a father in georgia has become a super star on social media with his take on parenting. what can you tell us about batdad.

>> here he is. he is 29-year-old blake wilson from georgia. he bought the mask and started posting videos on vine and now he has 4 million views and counting. take a look.

>> thank you. can i have some too.

>> i'm just a normal dad with four kids and a wife having fun with them.

>> he looks like a regular dad. but blake wilson has an alter ego.

>> i'm batdad.

>> it started as a family joke but batdad is now on a mission.

>> you don't want to get gingivitis.

>> reporter: sharing parenting tips one vine video at a time.

>> if you don't chew with your mouth closed i'm going to take the nutrigrain bar away. it's an interesting twist on parenting.

>> hurry up, we're going to be late for the bus.

>> we live a very normal life .

>> congratulations, here's a potty pop.

>> every day stuff that parents go through.

>> benjamin, tables are for glasses not [ bleep ].

>> no daddy.

>> i like to think that i can be a fun dad. it's not all fun and games all the time. this is the real batdad.

>> kids, get out of the bushes, it's time for dinner.

>> are those ribs good.

>> uh-huh.

>> would you like a wet nap?

>> reporter: sometimes he drives his wife, well, batty.

>> i feel bad for her.

>> make sure you watch my pajamas.

>> i know i can be annoying.

>> jen, but your seat belt on, you're breaking the law .

>> she loves it.

>> it's hilarious.

>> jen, what's taking so long. you were supposed to be ready 20 minutes ago.

>> while it's happening i feel --

>> makes people smile because it's so stupid.

>> there's batdad. that could be a new sitcom on nbc. he struck a huge cord with parents. emily wrote i will only settle down and start a family if i can find someone like batdad. nathan adams writes this is exactly the type of dad i want to be one day. you met batdad now officially.

>> humor in the lessons learned.