TODAY   |  September 25, 2013

Jeff Bezos: Newspapers may become a ‘luxury item’

The founder and CEO talks to NBC News’ Kate Snow about the latest Amazon Kindle, the future of newspapers and how he decides to split his time between his many projects.

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>> amazon's ceo is a billionaire that isn't known for doing a lot of interviews but he's been in the headlines recently. he used 1% of his personal fortune to purchase the washington post . kate snow sat down with him and caught up with him at amazon headquaters in seattle.

>> good to see you. he had interesting things to say about the future of newspapers but the reason he invited us to seattle is because it's almost holiday shopping season and today amazon has a new line of kindle fire tablets to sell.

>> this is our new top of the line , $379 this is the kindle fire hdx 8.9 inch. it comes with a brand new feature we call mayday, the mayday button and it's on screen tech support .

>> like mayday, mayday.

>> and a tech support person will appear on your screen and can draw arrows to show you what to do.

>> the man that's trying to hook us all on e-books spent 250 million of his own fortune to buy a throw back, a traditional newspaper.

>> do you see a day when there is no more print version of the post.

>> some day. i don't know how many years in the future. it could be decades. but i think printed newspapers on actual paper maybe a luxury item. sort of like people still have horses but it's not their primary way of commuting to the office.

>> reporter: the washington post is just a small part of his growing empire. amazon fresh is how he wants us to buy our groceries.

>> people want to know if you'll do to super market what is you did to bookstores.

>> we try to make the best service we can. something that we hope customers will love and then customers choose.

>> reporter: between amazon and his own personal ventures he invested in everything from space travel to energy to a giant 10,000 year clock being built in a texas mountain.

>> part of the reason that i do that is i think those things are important and i want to make sure that they happen. most of what i spend my time on is because i find it exciting.

>> you don't have boring days, do you?

>> i don't. i have four kids.

>> right.

>> no answer on when we can expect an amazon phone on the market. he did say they're working to get same day delivery service to more area of the country. watch out ups and fed ex this guy has big dreams . he told nbc one of his personal goals is to travel into space and by the year 2018 he wants all of us to be able to travel in sub orbital space.

>> and how soon can the amazon packages into space be far beyond that one.