TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Best products for taming bed-head

Prevention’s Siobhan O’Connor is back for the final installment of the magazine’s beauty awards, this time with the best of the best shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays. The show-stealer is the Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine serum that combines sunflower oil, coriander, and apricot to keep split ends at a minimum while boosting your hair’s natural shine.

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>> hair product , stunning, absolutely stunning all the time. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> there are hundreds of hair products that promise to take care of frizz or add volume but never know which ones really work until you try t.

>> the folks at "prevention" magazine did all the trying for you. they recruited 125 testers to sample more than 150 beauty projects for the annual prevention beauty awards.

>> here with the winner --

>> i love this. executive editor, schiff von.

>> exciting segment.

>> you know we do our beauty awards differently, test them, we went to an independent scientific lab and had our products tested for detangling and shine.

>> best shampoo?

>> the best detangler also. from dove, daily moisture shampoo, under $4, get it at any drugstore. beat out even the fancy, high-end, expensive --

>> the best news for everybody.

>> for everybody.

>> duh.

>> available at the drugstore.

>> another drugstore buy, this one from pantene, the age defy conditioner.

>> the conditioner?

>> contains three ingredients proven in a study to increase the volume of your hair by 10%. that is pretty great.

>> all hair types ?

>> all hair types , volumizing and very rich, doesn't weigh it down. you don't get that sort of --

>> paying for name and we are paying for --

>> in some cases --

>> packaging.

>> hair color . this is is amazing, we enlisted the best colorists in the business, chose this one, $10, available at drug stores , garnier ole ya, no ammonia, taking a cue from salons, using oil to penetrate these into the shaft, so the color locks at a deeper level. if you want to cover gray, leave it on five minutes.

>> the best hairspray?

>> amy is showing us the best hairspray. this one, touch her hair, ahaze amazing you, no crunch.

>> put it to the test in florida humid weather, curly hair .

>> who is making this one? we can't see from back here?

>> altern nah.

>> okay. how about a smoothing stylist.

>> so check out her hair, used it on one side and not the other. so this is --

>> the crazy side.

>> wow.

>> this is an incredible product, from redken.

>> so pretty, like a perfume.

>> a us it before you shampoo, use it after the, our experts like it, it doesn't contain silicone with i can build up on the hair and cause dullness.

>> looks great.

>> what about a volumizer --

>> this product is wonderful. we used volume -- we used a volumize he shall on one side of her hair this is from organics, at drug stores .

>> you can see the difference.

>> you can it contains collagen, which binds to the hair.

>> like collagen.

>> that's different segment, okay?

>> our winner.

>> all right. thank you. great.

>> thank you, everybody.

>> thank you all so much.

>>> tomorrow, a very, very big day .

>> a huge day.

>> two blakes are going to be with us tomorrow.

>> blake shelton .