TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Pass the bubbly! Kathie Lee, Hoda sip champagne cocktails

Leslie Sbrocco, author of “The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide,” teaches the ladies a thing or two about wine mixology with a delicious muddled mint and basil recipe.

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>>> if you like to entertain and feel the need to keep your bar stocked with all sorts of libations, we're going to tell you all you need is a bottle of wine.

>> whether into reds, whites or bubbly, leslie sprok co-author of the simple and savvy wine guide says it is easy to create a cocktail every taste. joining her in the bar --

>> because she wanted to.

>> her assistant, bobbie.

>> i'm the sous chef.

>> i'm going to get you shaking and stirring and --

>> let's shake and stir.

>> talking wine cocktails.

>> like to get double-duty out of things. i think if you start out with wine it is booze day tuesday. accessorize with it. i want you guys grab your cocktail here.

>> which one, the champagne?

>> i did a sparkling sunrise. bobbie this is yours.

>> i like that you said accessorize.

>> starting out with the basic prosecco, rubina prosecco.

>> that is nice.

>> named this for the nbc sunrise. i'm using you balsamic vinegar.

>> stop it.

>> seriously.

>> balsamic, the sweet kind, just a little touch, a little elder flower liqueur, a tiny bit and topping it off with prosecco, boom, voila, adds earthiness.

>> never thought either of those other two things were in there.

>> very simple. put bobbie to work.

>> love mint. i can smell that.

>> grab your white wine glass, ladies. off the basics, basic black dress and add the access source now. bobbie, i'm going to give you a glass of this. this is the butari mu schsprofero from greece. to get the last waning days of heat, you can add a little mint. very simple. bobby, take the little mint and you can stir it up, muddle it a little bit, crush t.

>> what does that do?

>> releasing all the aromas of the mint and the basil. then add a little bit of --

>> doesn't look as pretty.

>> really going to be this one?

>> then why are we drinking the other one?

>> then, boom, gonna put a -- tonic water in it.

>> you can get that, too.

>> this is called the herbal delight.

>> i like that. what do you think?