TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Smokin’ hot ‘Chicago Fire’ stars unleash Top Dog contest

Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney play two tough firemen in the NBC hit drama “Chicago Fire,” but is their bark worse than their bite? The two actors play with heroic firehouse dogs as they discuss the “Chicago Fire” Top Dog contest.

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>>> they are strong, they are fearless and all happen to be pretty easy on the eyes. the cast of " chicago fire " is back for a second high-octane season.

>> they want to add to their crew at fire house 51, putting out to a call all around the country for a top fire house dog to get a cameo appearance on the show.

>> these tell us about that and the new season, two stars of the series, jesse spencer and taylor kinney .

>> hello, jents. individually, never had you as a duo. this is great.

>> uh-huh. so, tell us about the new season. i know this is always a fun time for you guys.

>> yeah, we are just waiting -- we launch tonight. comes out, we are very excited to come back. we got a high-octane show.

>> of course, you do.

>> last season, it was very much about the internal struggles and this season, we should have -- i feel we should band together and have a lot of external influences coming to try to separate us.

>> okay. good and bad. you got to have that tension. now, such an authentic feel to this.

>> it really does.

>> yeah. did you guys ever want to be firefighters? think about it? my little kid, cody, wanted to go to the fire house every day. that was his favorite thing.

>> i think it's great. yeah. the city of chicago , they really rally behind us and what we're doing. force me, when i was a kid, i wanted to be an airplane.

>> you wanted to be an airplane?

>> anything. one of the things that you put on a pedestal, doing ride-allowings.

>> tell us about you went along with firemen on actual calls to see what life is like.

>> we still do we move in, a free place to sleep and a free meal every now and then.

>> yeah.

>> there when you feed us.

>> what did you guys learn from those guys on the road?

>> to be hon snes patience. there's so much, like, bs runs, they go -- people forget their meds. certain penders of the year, st. patty's, fourth of july --

>> you are busy?

>> in the call, people grill in their apartments, like in their bathtub. so, like a charcoal grill and light their apartment on fire. they respond.

>> pouch, the dog what kind of attention has the dog gotten?

>> enough to initiate a contest that we have top fire house dog . across the country, we had submissions from fire houses across the country.

>> look at that.

>> how many submissions did you guys have?

>> hundreds, if not thousands.

>> yeah. lots.

>> i have a friend that submitted himself, a firefighter in san francisco , san brown know he heard about this contest a few weeks ago, months ago, submitteded himself as the top dog. it is not for you.

>> we have three. lieutenant todd warwick and smoky.

>> where are you guys?

>> how are you?

>> tell us about why you think smoky is the right top dog.

>> well, in november of 2009 , the fire department responded to a house fire and we thought all the occupants were out, the dogs were still in, dog are part of the family, too. got three out. she was actually in the room of origin. she was only six weeks old. and brought her out and i wish i had some old pictures of her, but they were doing mouth-to-mouth and cpr. she was dead. and got her going again. and --

>> lost your tail though, right?

>> well, yeah, the owners bobbed her tail. so, but anyhow, the owners couldn't afford the care for her. didn't know what they were gonna do with her. and we are gonna adopt her. so, she is a true fire house dog . she stays at the fire house all the time. she has her own bunk.

>> she's sweetie.

>> a lot of love?

>> yeah.

>> thank you very much. next up is ryan penrod and wilshire .

>> this is the one we saw.

>> tell us -- how are you, sweetie?

>> tell us why your dog should you can top dog.

>> well, wilshire is a fire house dog . we rescued him. he was brought to the fire station by a 10-year-old little girl and her parents, they couldn't keep her. he was headed to the pound. so we have had him about six years. and he is just -- he has been outstanding. we take him around to schools and large events where he stops, drops and rolls, does all kinds of trickings for people.

>> here's a card, a wilshire card.

>> going to go to his head. thank you.

>> gonna do a trick?

>> nice.

>> thank you, honey.

>> bye, wilshire .

>> all right. last up, we have eileen ordman and dempsey .

>> tell us what happened?

>> dempsey was intentionally burned. i saw his story, put in for his adoption and we use him to educate kids about the danger of fire. if it can do it to him, it can do it to you.

>> a kid who was just willfully cruel.

>> a teenager.

>> what is going to happen with his leg?

>> he has had ten surgeries at this point. help make his mobility more pain free.

>> okay. wow. well, thank you so much. so jesse and taylor, what is in store for the winner?

>> the winner gets a cameo.

>> dempsey 's staying. yeah. taking the spot.

>> be fine.

>> the winner gets a cameo. you can vote, i believe, you can vote, and october 1st they will announce a winner.

>> right. okay. thank you so much.

>> thank you. just for the voting, go to and vote for your favorite dog and we will announce who that is later. catch " chicago fire " tonight at 10/9 central on nbc.