TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Al and Mel B. duke it out in cook-off

Chef Ilan Hall hosts “Knife Fight,” a new competition that puts two pros head to head in a cook-off with limited ingredients. Al and Mel B. took to the kitchen for their own one-minute version.

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>>> it's an underground cooking battle going on in restaurant afs the doors close, well now it's coming to television in night fight.

>> two chefs go head to head with a secret ingredient and turning it into incredible dishes.

>> here with us is the host of night fight. good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> tell us about this. it's something we were doing for a long time. nothing to do with television, local chefs in los angeles , they come to my restaurant and i give them great ingredients, sometimes live ingredients and they have one hour. so it's bare bones .

>> we're making a hopple popple?

>> yes.

>> what's that?

>> something my father used to do out of leftovers.

>> they're the best.

>> you have one minute.

>> wait, you started before me.

>> let's go. come on.

>> so you have corn, little bits of chicken, bacon. mel already has --

>> i got it.

>> she is already winning.

>> my dad used to saut? all the stuff and then finish with the eggs.

>> see, i'm finishing with the eggs. that's exactly what i'm doing.

>> i like my eggs first.

>> i like my corn and onions burned a little bit.

>> that's the way i like it.

>> this is garlic.

>> go, you guys have no time. come on.

>> okay, you know what, let's get this party started.

>> you're doing an omelet? why are you doing an omelet?

>> it's breakfast time .

>> you eat your breakfast at like 4:00 in the morning, though.

>> it's noontime somewhere.

>> i don't even think your rice is going to be warm.

>> come on, al.

>> how long do we have left?

>> we're done.

>> oh, she has a raw egg.

>> but that's fine. it finishes in the pan with the leftover heat.

>> get it on a plate let's go.

>> stop cooking, al, stop cooking. come on. get it on the plate. come on.

>> hold on.

>> that's okay. i like runny eggs.

>> oh, i like runny eggs. oh, mel 's looks so much better. wow, somebody is in the tank for mel .

>> are you ready? is that it? are you done? fresh herbs or anything.

>> you didn't even use your chicken.

>> i don't want to use my chicken.

>> you don't?

>> no.

>> i used all of mine.

>> the moment of truth . this one looks a little more modern and als looks more traditional.

>> that's the kind of guy i am.

>> that's good.

>> it is?

>> let's see. all right. on the show when a chef wins we always have the knife, someone wins someone almost won. so, for today, we have a coffee cup . more appropriate.

>> all right.

>> the winner of this knife fight is mel b .

>> of course.

>> yes.

>> you can catch it tonight on the esquire network. okay. on nbc esquire network. this is today on nby. this is "today" on nbc . . this is "today" on nbc . c. this is "today" on nbc .

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