TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Get great jeans with these denim tips

No matter your body type, there is a pair of jeans that will suit you perfectly. Women’s Health magazine fashion editor Thea Palad and Men’s Health fashion and grooming director share some tips to help you pick out the best denim for you.

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>> jeans, whether you're a woman with curves or a guy with a beer belly , you have to work with what you've got.

>> that's right. here is men's health director and women's health director. good to see you both.

>> good morning.

>> tell me about the bigs mistakes people make buying a pair of jeans.

>> men and women wear jeans that just don't fit their body right. they're too big or they're too tight and it ends up ruining your entire shape. so finding the right fit is obviously the most important thing.

>> don't you think sometimes people try to go with the trend and maybe the trend isn't the best for them?

>> yeah, you have to cure rate what trends work best for your body. because they work great in the run way or in the store doesn't mean they look best for you.

>> we have models, women and men. we'll see what jeans work for them. what are we looking at here.

>> she is our pear shaped model and when you're pear-shaped, you want to consider --

>> pear-shaped means.

>> curvy around the hips?

>> curvy around the hips. it has a negative connotation but it's not a bad thing. you have to consider streamlining and contouring your lower halves.

>> i love her curves.

>> she looks amazing in these jeans. you need something with volume on the bottom to balance out your lower half. so think of bell or flair or boot cut jean. you also need something dark so you don't go with any distress or fading around the thighs because that can make you look wider.

>> do you like this look?

>> i do.

>> let's look at the guys. jeff, what are we camouflaging.

>> he is in great shape but has a few extra pounds which a lot of us have.

>> you have been outed on national tv .

>> he's a great candidate for this. but get the right rise and the right fit.

>> now, what does rise mean?

>> so rise is the length from the crotch to the top of your jeans. this is a mid-rise jean. that means a three or four inch zipper. anything lower and you're in dangerous low rise jeans territory. anything higher is a dad jean.

>> can't have a dad jean.

>> no dad jean.

>> what constitutes that?

>> high-rise, long butt, never do it.

>> not even on dads.

>> no.

>> you're looking good. let's bring out mary and we're talking petite.

>> mary is our petite model and curvy. she wants jeans that elongate her body and also jeans that will show case her curves without distorting her proportions. she is wearing loft and they're very dark which is great because that just elongates the body and you don't want any distress. you don't want any rhinestones. nothing to ruin the long clean line.

>> and skinny jean cut.

>> yeah, skinny or straight would be great. they have to be hemmed right at the ankle so they don't puddle around your ankles or go over your shoes.

>> thanks. looking good. let's bring out mike our next model. this is a term i learned today. crotch problems. he has crotch problems.

>> a lot of guys say this part of their jean is very uncomfortable. the zipper is constricting, the jeans might be too tight so they buy jeans way too big and then they look dumpy. they have diaper butt.

>> don't want that.

>> this is a new waistless jean made of recycled plastic bottles which is cool but it has a button fly that's more forgiving than a zipper. if you can grab more than a handful of material, they don't fit.

>> all right. we're talking full figure.

>> when you're like that you can't look like you're poured into them.

>> is the flair look back in fashion?

>> it goes in and out but if it works for your body type keep that in consideration. you have to consider fabric. fabric is important. it has to be substantial. it has to have stretch for comfort but it has to suck you in. there's jeans out there that has shape in. the miracle suit is one type. we kept in dark because dark is slimming but if you want to wear a color you can go with a rich like a navy or burgandy.

>> looking good. let's bring out travis who tragically has flat butt.

>> travis thinks he has a flat butt. i don't necessarily agree with him.

>> but the jeans are making him have a flat butt.

>> these jeans are fixing his flat butt problem.

>> if you think that that's a problem, it's all about the pocket. you want a pocket that's going to fit a little higher. it's a smaller pocket but it sits higher on your rear. that's going to accentuate everything better. that just drags everything down.

>> we like a booty. everybody like ace booty.

>> even on a guy?

>> yeah.

>> guys like it too. guys want to have a good butt in their jeans.

>> sure they do.

>> they have a little bit of stretch which also helps accentuate a guy's curve.

>> flat butt, crotch problems. very