TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Anchors: What we’ve given up for spouses

Natalie, Al, Willie and guest-host Mel B. talk about what they’ve given up for their marriages and what how they’ve changed over the years.

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>> al, you're back from colorado . natalie back from vegas.

>> yeah.

>> it's amazing how good you look.

>> i had a super secret assignment yesterday. i'll just say i'm sore in places i shouldn't be sore.

>> i wouldn't be saying that.

>> it's perfect timing, willie .

>> that's hilarious.

>> you'll find out.

>> i'm the voice of reason? really? come on. it's not right.

>> that was amazing. let's talk about president obama and his smoking. made no secret he has been a smoker a lot of his life. he hasn't done it as much lately but yesterday comments caught on an open mike as he was talking to another gentleman at the u.n. general assembly .

>> i haven't had a cigarette because i'm scared of my wife.

>> it's not about the cigarettes. he's afraid of mrs. obama.

>> his wife.

>> smart fan.

>> he said recently he's had a cigarette here and there. in 2009 , he goes out back and has one in the rose garden from time to time.

>> yeah.

>> a high stress job, i guess.

>> nobody wants to piss off your wife. you just don't want to do that.

>> is that a hallmark card?

>> i don't know. you know, you just don't want to get on your wife -- nor do i think if it goes the other way -- you don't want to get --

>> no, i do.

>> do you have a bad habit you have been keeping from him?

>> well, no. not bad habits but i'd like to stop doing a few things. like, for example, going to bed with freshly wet hair out of the shower. he cannot stand that. the pillow gets wet.

>> you mean he doesn't want a wet, soggy pillow.

>> what a shock.

>> i like getting in the shower and washing my hair right before bed. i had to stop that.

>> they don't make towels in your house.

>> but i have a lot of hair.

>> can't you do the turban wrap thing?

>> no, what about you.

>> you can't do that.

>> have you given up something?

>> eating. i mean, no. pretty much -- i don't have -- yeah --

>> you do have bad habits ?

>> i do. i'm a slob. sort of. you know, i mean --

>> you mean a tv remote kind of slob?

>> no, i'm kind of the guy who, especially on the weekend, does not put a lot of effort into getting dressed.

>> so, you're a pajama guy.

>> sweat pants?

>> no.

>> boxer shorts.

>> thank you. can i say -- are we married? i can't get a word in.

>> what about you two? you're keeping quite on this topic.

>> i'm trying to think.

>> i think i changed generally my life style after we got married or when we had kids anyway in term of going out and socializing.

>> for me it's shopping. my husband is always on me about my shopping habits.

>> really?

>> yeah.

>> does he check the credit card statement.

>> no but he's like you get boxes every day. where is this coming from.

>> there's nothing in them. you just get boxes.

>> i say people just send me stuff.

>> i'm lucky that way.

>> there's a little credit card clicking involved.

>> sure.

>> i think i just thought of something. you know the cookies where you get the little ones .

>> yeah, right.

>> i can put down two boxes in a sitting and kristina will walk by and say, oh, more cookies, huh?

>> and you say yeah.

>> i say yeah and keep eating. i'll tell you in the commercial break.

>> yeah.

>> what you really have to give up.

>> okay. now, mel is very excited about this next story.

>> i'm confused with that.

>> twinkies was an iconic snack and they went out of business.

>> but they're back now.

>> they're back now.

>> so when willie gave that up, they went out of business. it was a throw away mel . we didn't have to diagram it.

>> this one needs no diagramming. there's a haunted house opening this week in sinking spring, pennsylvania. here's the twist, it's a scream park. it's meant to expose, if you will, participants to a different kind of fear. the deal is you get nude and you run through the haunted house .

>> what?

>> it's the naked and scared challenge. you take off your clothes.

>> why.

>> to help you through your fear of nudity.

>> that's not fear. it's common sense .

>> it's not open now.

>> opening this week.

>> that's my worst nightmare.

>> they have a semiprivate area where you get nude and walk through the haunted house and on the back end they bring you your clothes and put it back on.

>> then they post it on facebook.

>> it doesn't make sense.

>> if there was no cameras or anything and you're there with your partner, your husband and wife running through naked would be quite funny.

>> no.

>> i this so.

>> i just think it's gross.

>> someone brought up earlier when you get scared in a haunted house you often grab the people you're with.

>> you don't know where your hand is going to go.

>> wow.

>> okay, willie . thanks for that.

>> exactly.

>> so natalie , you're out.

>> i'm out. that's a definite no.

>> natalie is a no.

>> that would be hilariouhilarious.

>> willie and mel be signed up.

>> it's after midnight and you have to be 18 and older.

>> or drunk.

>> so kathie lee and hoda are signing up.

>> a lot of people will do it.

>> a couple of drinks and run through nude.

>>> these are videos from a georgia father who dresses up as his alter ego. this is his way of disciplining kids. his name is blake wilson . he puts on the batman mask and gets in the dark knight voice to inspire his four children to behave.

>> drink up so you can wet the bed.

>> you need to cover your mouth. you're spreading germs.

>> who are you talking to?

>> mommy.

>> ask her what's for dinner.

>> you forgot to say please.

>> hurry up. we're going late.

>> get out of there. it's almost dinner time . you'll spoil your appetite.

>> are you going to swallow it.

>> yes.

>> then no.

>> love him. bat dad.

>> that's hilarious.

>> how great is that.

>> that's a great dad.

>> that's comic genius too.

>> man, he's got the michael keaton batman voice.

>> no, that's more the christian bale .

>> maybe.

>> do they actually listen to him?

>> they probably tuned him out by now.

>> i think so.

>> they're just having a good time. they love the fact that dad's having fun .

>> more dads need to have fun like that.

>> there's one where he surprises his wife. honey, you said you'd be ready 20 minutes ago. she's in the bathroom.

>> what i hate about that, i wish i had thought of that.

>> i know.

>> i wish i had thought about that.

>> brilliant.

>> it's done now.

>> blake wilson , roswell, georgia.

>> you are a genius.

>> keep them going. we love them.

>> al, you're back from colorado . you got a chance to interview the vice president of the united states .

>> he took a tour along with craig fugate from fema of the flooding out there in colorado and he was, you know, really instrumental in making some people feel better and helping to cut through some red tape . so i think people really appreciated him being there.

>> he did reissue the invite to get him to come here and host the show with us.

>> the invitation is open at any time for you to come do the "today" show.

>> i may need a job. thank you.

>> you'd be great. thank you, sir. thank you so much.

>> he didn't say no.

>> he didn't?

>> no.

>> i think that door is wide open still.

>> you have a thing, you have a bromance.

>> when a guy steps out of the inauguration parade to shake someone's hand, that's more than a bromance.

>> he keeps talking about getting in trouble with the secret service . he was like this guy got me in trouble. i was like you will come over. come over vice president biden. shake my hand.

>> oh my word.

>> he's terrific.

>> i love the way he talks. man, i saw roker, man. i couldn't resist it. secret service is scrambling around.