TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Sting: Broadway play will accompany new album

Rock legend Sting shares a bit about his new album “The Last Ship,” and the accompanying Broadway play that will be released in a year, so fans will have a chance to learn the songs.

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>>> is a grammy award winning artist that sold 100 million albums and racked up hundreds of hits. he releases his album called the last ship which will be a new broadway show next fall. it's good to have you back here.

>> good morning.

>> you have a broadway show next year but you're releasing the music for it now. you want people to learn the songs.

>> yes. i'd like them to become familiar with it. we're doing a performance with just the music and not the play. i want people to be part of this process. it's so exciting.

>> the hope is they'll sing and dance along when they come see the show.

>> absolutely.

>> tell us about the concept for the play. it's personal to you. it's about where you grow up.

>> i come from a shipyard town in the northeast of england and my earliest memories are a ship at the end of the street and watching it being built and launched and i want to honor my community. the community that built the biggest ships in the world and we have written an allegory about that community and how important they were.

>> it's about a way of life . it's about lost love in some ways. it's about relationships between fathers and sons as well.

>> that's true. many themes tallying with my own life. i never ended up in the shipyard. i had another destiny but i remember it well.

>> we mention your song writing career but there were a couple of years of writer's block. did it open things up to be writing for characters in a play.

>> i just got sick of me. sick of looking inward. so writing for other voices than my own. other points of view than my own really freed me up and these songs came thick and fast and i was happy about that.

>> we go through our days and hum songs and sing songs that get stuck in our head. do you do the same and do you find yourself humming or singing your own songs?

>> of course i do.

>> no, go back for a minute, you walk around the house --

>> i knew that's where this was leading.

>> do it again, really?

>> i might have hurt myself doing it one time. do you have songs of yours that get stuck in your head.

>> i kind of have new songs going around in my head.

>> which is good.

>> new melodies.

>> well, we're about to hear one of those new songs. i great one to dance to. we'll get to that in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc.