TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Kate Gosselin suing Jon ‘for the safety’ of my kids

The single mom and former star of the TLC show “Jon and Kate Plus 8” talks about her new cookbook, how her parenting style has changed and her current lawsuit against her ex-husband, Jon.

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>> what you do you get with one adult, two tweens and sextuplets all in one house? we'll talk to her about that but first a look at that life.

>> nine years ago a happily married kate gosselin already mom to twin girls was expecting sextuplets with husband john. they quickly gained traction as one of the must watch families of reality tv with tlc's hit show jon and kate plus 8 .

>> very swiftly we turned into two different people.

>> but after years in the spotlight weathering a public and messy divorce, jon and kate went their separate ways and the show ended it's run.

>> now, kate is focussing on raising the 8 kids on her own and awaiting her new addition, a cookbook called love is in the mix. it comes straight from her heart.

>> so good.

>> reporter: we recently caught up with the family for sunday night dinner as she shared her kitchen secrets with us.

>> faster the better.

>> reporter: while managing to get 8 school lunches ready for 8 growing kids.

>> okay.

>> reporter: but one thing is for sure, with kate , kara, maddy, alexis, hannah, aiden, colin, and joel, there's love in every bite for kate plus her 8. nbc news, new york.

>> and kate gosselin is here this morning to share stories and memories from her first cookbook called love is in the mix.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> these are recipes that feed 8 at least.

>> definitely. they're for a family of 8 to 10. i say in the beginning of the book. it's huge recipes. cut them in half. but i spend all of my time in the kitchen. it's my passion. one of the many. i really like to feed my kids nutritiously and they enjoy eating. they're so great to feed and for years people would say gosh what were you making in episode whatever, season whatever and i would be like i don't know. so they asked for it and then finally my kids started saying mommy when we're big can we have your recipes to cook for our kids. i said that does it. i'm writing it.

>> so many memories are made in the kitchen. do you get help from the kids?

>> definitely. a lot of times, strangely, they pull up the stools and hop up there and they say mommy's cooking show . wow, i guess i talk while i'm cooking. i'm always talking. so definitely they do and it's -- yeah, it's been a lot of work and there's also tips and traditions and kind of a lot of photos. it's like a memory in a cookbook.

>> well, you have two tweens.

>> they're 12.

>> the sextuplets are 9. it won't be long and you're going to have 8 teenagers in the house.

>> thanks for reminding me.

>> did i freak you out?

>> you know, they're really great kids. the little attitudes do crop up. it's expected but we are really, the nine of us have pulled together and we're in a good place. they're really happy and i'm really happy.

>> i wanted to ask you about that. i read an interview you did recently where you talked about making mistakes and being in the public eye and how you feel like you changed. sometimes you look at that kate that was in the show and it's not the kate you feel you know now. what do you mean by that?

>> i mean, i think that happens with every parent, with every adult. life is one huge learning experience. if anybody's life was televised as a younger parent and as you get older, you do mellow and learn what's important. i feel like i have lived three lifetimes in my short 30 something years already so have learned what is important and i have learned what to let go and what are real battles and what are important battles and i do like the me of today a lot more than that really stressed out, sleep deprived, i'm going to go insane any minute kate .

>> do you ever regret being a part of that show? there were a lot of high points but there were low points too.

>> honestly, 100%, the kids and i would both tell you it was a great experience. i always try to look at it in perspective that nobody has a perfect job. you'll never find a human that will say my job is 100% perfect and there was a lot of goods. there was a lot of bads and i do not regret anything in my life and if i would rewind time i would absolutely do the show again. i know a lot more now than i did then of course. hindsight is 20/20.

>> you are suing your ex-husband of illegally getting information for a book you claim is defamatory but what is it about? is it about getting money damages or about setting the record straight?

>> well, i can't -- clearly it's in the middle of litigation so i cannot say a lot about it but i can say that when we started out investigating the source of what was happening, i made the decision back then to push this. it's a lot of internet bullying and it's actually -- i've lost a lot of employment opportunities over rumor mills circulating false stuff. the most unexpected and disappointing thing is who was at the center of it. it's, you know, it had to be done for the safety and the future of my kids.

>> kate gosselin , it's good to catch up with you. the book is called love is in the mix. it's out today. you can head to