TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Moment of conception: Egg fertilized live on TV

For the first time ever on live television, Dr. Nancy Snyderman narrates a live in-vitro fertilization procedure.

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>> last half hour, dr. sherman silver conducted the first part of an ivf procedure and now, hold on to your french fries , nancy snyderman has actually moved into the room where they're ready to watch live. what's going on.

>> hey, let me orient you. this is one of the coolest things you've ever going to see. this is just a pipet holding an egg in place. this was an egg taken a moment ago. this is the polar body . i'm telling you that because the egg has to be oriented in space. what you'll see kathie do with a needle on this side with a sperm in it is puncture the outer layer of the egg. you'll see how tough it is. pop into it. the sperm will be released and as soon as she knows, the end of the needle there. there went the sperm. the sperm is now there. this is now a fertilized egg . conception has taken place and this now will be put into a special medium for the next 48 hours as a fertilized egg and observed. you have now, for the first time ever on television seen a sperm go into an egg and that's modern ivf . that is cool stuff.

>> amazing.

>> and we'll keep doing more. matt, you're going to love this part, these are sperm that are swimming around in this special solution.

>> not sure where you're going with this nancy.

>> she whacked the tail off the sperm. did you hear me matt?

>> no it's amazing. you have a fertilized egg and they will implant those fertilized eggs in jessica . how long will it take to know if this is a viable pregnancy?

>> well, so we got a lot of eggs out of here today. there's the sperm and the needle. pop in, the sperm goes back up. boom it's in. another fertilized egg . 48 hours this will be watched. these will now start to grow under the microscope and then dr. silver because he's very ethical only implants two. you heard of the controversies before where there are too many fertilized eggs. the uterus is not a kond minute condominium.

>> they can even be given to other women.

>> and not hurt by the freezing problem.

>> safe for mom, cool for dad and great for science.

>> the uterus is not a condominium. i will remember that forever.

>> this is pretty neat. so we're just going to stand here and again watch this go on and on and on and keep fertilizing these. a lot of sperm, very healthy and with these eggs being able to be held here by suction, 26, 27, 28 eggs were harvested and they'll all be fertilized and then stored and then the best ones will be implanted in jessica and we'll follow up with derek and jessica over the next couple of days and months and have no reason to not expect this is going to result in a healthy pregnancy.

>> i'm sure this is going to work.

>> she also has a good-looking uterus so i think this will be a go.

>> thank you everybody.

>> so exciting.

>> it's all looking good in st. louis.

>> all right. thank you.

>> well done, doctor. is that the first ivf procedure you have watched with french fries .

>> yes.

>> we'll keep track of derek