TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

California law gives teens ‘eraser’ for social media

The new law allows minors to request that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook remove all of their posts to prevent the young individuals from being haunted by their online pasts. The law doesn’t cover embarrassing content posted by others.

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>> running. trending on huffington post , giving teens a clean slate on social media . that's what a new california law does. it allows minor on sites like twitter and facebook to remove their posts. it's to allow young people from being haunted by their digital past. it doesn't include comments posted by others about you and carson, i almost said i know you have embarrassing --

>> where's the button. i need it.

>> tracking social media , what are people saying about this?

>> we asked if you were given an online eraser button would you need it and 51% said yes and 49% said no.

>> 49% of you are lying.

>> exactly.

>> they said if you need it.

>> no, but that means have you posted something online --

>> it's a clear history. it's a very important thing to have.

>> we all want it. let's get it.

>> you can erase all your e-mails and text messages, the results would be 100%.