TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Loyal BlackBerry users tweet their support

Blackberry announced the company would go private Friday after a $1 billion loss in the last quarter, and loyal BlackBerry users tweeted why they still support the struggling smartphone pioneers. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> meanwhile, blackberry announced on monday plans to go private selling itself for $4.7 billion, a far cry from the 77 billion it was valued at about five years ago. that development comes just days after the smartphone pioneer cut 40% of it's work force . carson daly is back from his triumph at the emmy's.

>> oh.

>> really.

>> good morning. how are you? i'm doing good, thanks. there was a time if you remember, 1999 the blackberry came out. the first device to sync with corporate e-mail. the iphone comes out in '07 and blackberry 's rapid decline begins. this is a snapshot of the last four months alone. it gives you a visual. their market share cut in half from may to september. we asked you do you still use blackberry and if so, why. two main reasons people still use blackberry . let me pull up a couple of them. i still use the blackberry . it's all about the keyboard. don says i use blackberry for the push e-mail which keeps work flowing and jobs coming in faster. still a great connection between the blackberry and corporate america and everybody loves the keyboard. that q 10 never quite worked. it gave you the option of the touch screen and it wasn't the salvation blackberry needed it to be.

>> holding on. holding on as much as she can.

>> double device. i'm switzerland. i'm neutral officially.

>> carson, thank you. coming up at 7:32, it was a