TODAY   |  September 24, 2013

Kenyan official: Americans among mall attackers

Kenya’s Foreign Minister continues to insist that two to three Americans are among the attackers in the Nairobi Westgate mall. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>> before that, the rapidly changing situation in nairobi where it's moved into a fourth day. let's get right to ron allen with the latest. ron, good morning to you.

>> good morning to you, matt. yes, the siege may not be completely over. we heard a couple of loud explosions this morning and gunfire coming from the mall back there. a top kenyan official continues to insist that u.s. citizens were among the gunmen involved in the attack. this morning, kenyan soldiers still working to secure the besieged mall still seemed to encounter more resistance. they appeared to carry a body bag from the building and in the past few hours, al-shabab, the militant group that claimed responsibility for the attack said their fighters are still holding their ground, following the effort to end the siege that began saturday. the government said it was in full control of the situation combing the four-story mall from floor to floor to make sure it's safe. they believe all hostages are released adding the enemy will continue to spew propaganda. it remains unclear what happened to the remaining hostages and the gunmen. as many as 15 according to the government. meanwhile, they say u.s. citizens were among the ill militants.

>> from the information we have two or three americans and so far one brit.

>> and the brit was a british born woman.

>> woman. she has done this many times before.

>> she is referring to the "the white widow " the wife of one of the london bombers that attacked the transit system in 2005 . they posted a list on social media of those behind the attacks claiming some were from minnesota. the issue won't be resolved until the identities of the gunmen are confirmed with forensic evidence. meanwhile, we're learning more about the victims, a british architect and his harvard educated wife who were expecting their first child in two weeks. and thortauthorities are saying three were killed and two were arrested in all of this but the big concern is the hostages because it's still unclear what happened to them, savannah, matt.

>> all right. ron in nairobi. thank you so much.