TODAY   |  September 23, 2013

Kathie Lee, Hoda get ‘Closer to the Truth’ with Cher

The multi-talented musical diva rocked the plaza with performances from her 26th solo album, which will be released this Tuesday. She chats about her Twitter rivalry with Miley Cyrus and describes her perfect paparazzi-free day, which she admits would not involve waking up early!

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>>> grammy-winning, oscar-winning, golden globe -winning ageless cher performing on the plaza this morning. and guess what? she's still here. i wonder which thing she likes best, ageless or all the wins.

>> i would say wins. i'll go for wins.

>> yes, yes, that means that's your life, the way you spend your life. she sold more than 100 million records worldwide. she's getting ready to go on tour next spring. her 26th solo album drops tomorrow called " closer to the truth " and we are so happy that you stuck around to talk with us. this is the happy hour, baby.

>> i'm happy to see you.

>> we're happy to see you.

>> how was it singing so early in the morning .

>> it was horrible and i have really bad -- i've been having really bad laryngitis from doing all of the press. so last night at 10:00 , i was singing great. this morning at 6:00 rehearsal, i was good. and this one, i just --

>> no, no, no.

>> yeah.

>> i'm not going to go there.

>> you don't have -- you don't do mornings well, by your own admission. you're not a morning girl.

>> no. i wanted to be a singer, so i didn't have to get up early. you know. but, you know, when you're doing movies, you have to do it. that's worth it. but, no, singers don't do that unless they, you know, stay up all night long.

>> what is your favorite day? what would cher 's day be if you weren't with us, if you weren't singing?

>> being with my friends, wherever. not being around any paparazzi. you know, i really -- i would like to ride my motorcycle again because i really miss that. that would be a perfect day for me. or being in -- being in hawaii or tahiti.

>> you can't because you're going on tour.

>> probably not a big audience in tahiti.

>> that beautiful ballad you sang, the first tombime a lot of people heard that song, everyone was singing along by the second verse, right away you're in. is that song about someone, for someone?

>> no. actually, that song is a cover of my miley cyrus version of that.

>> what? really?

>> are you kidding me?

>> no, i guess she didn't have a hit with it, i don't know, because it was just an album cut, they forgot about it, and my producer, who is such a genius, thought that would be good for cher . i didn't even realize it until i finished --

>> oh, my gosh. this is going to create even more tension.

>> between you two silly kids.

>> no tension. i just got too happy with the sound of my own voice telling everybody what i thought about this. and every interview, that's what they wanted to know.

>> we should point out, you tweeted miley cyrus --

>> what you thought about her performance at the video awards. you were tweeting what a lot of people people thougthought.

>> i wasn't tweeting it. i was doing it in an interview. when people were saying what's the deal, then i tweeted. you say what you feel. but, still, you know, people -- famous people , you know, feel they -- need to open their mouth if someone asks them something and i was thinking, god, this is so insightful.

>> so you do have regrets in life on occasion?

>> oh, yeah, of course.

>> have you talked with her about it?

>> i met her when she was young. she was a really cute girl. and she is doing -- she's doing what's right for her audience, you know? her audience is trying to find themselves too. so, you know, it is not -- not what i would love, but still, you know. i sat on huge guns on a battle ship in dental floss and had a blast, but people were, like, take her off the air.

>> blasphemous.

>> yeah, it was.

>> we'll play a game show . and we'll bring in joanne to spin the --

>> come on in, joanne .

>> she's our producer and she's wearing a sweater you owned.

>> that was -- there is pictures of me in that.

>> and there is leg warmers .

>> she's got the leg warmers .

>> joanne , you're going to spin for us. we're going to ask cher a question.

>> kathie made all these up.

>> okay. right here. and what is -- when you look back at your life, is there anything you would change?

>> oh, god. how long is this show? no, i mean, millions of things.

>> yeah, anything in particular that comes to mind? what's his name?

>> oh, i can't -- it is too hard. there are things i would change. i mean, look, i screwed up so long, you know, look, i'm so old, as you know --

>> hey! hey!

>> as you know, when you get to be our age, we made a lot of mistakes.

>> we have, we have.

>> and you keep going. who has got time for that?

>> cher , we love you. you are amazing. thank you for --

>> it is great to be here.

>> new cd out. all the best with the tour, she's starring. give her some love.

>> she's been dying.

>> if you couldn't stay up late enough, we have everything you missed last night, and all the other hollywood buzz from the weekend. i had