TODAY   |  September 23, 2013

Obama pushes gun reform after Navy Yard memorial

After his third mass shooting memorial in the last 14 months, President Obama renewed his efforts for a background check law, as a lobby against the NRA continues to grow. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>> president obama travels to new york city today where he will address the u.n. assembly tomorrow on topics like syria and iran but on sunday his topic was gun control following the shooting at the navy yard in washington last week. chuck todd is here with more. good morning to you.

>> good morning. it's a familiar scene, these memorial services for victims of gun violence . this one for the folks killed at the navy yard in washington d.c. while there was plenty of reflection there was pleas for politicians to do something about gun violence .

>> we cannot begin to comprehend your loss.

>> reporter: for the president speaking at a memorial service following a mass shooting is becoming a familiar scene. sunday was his third speak in 13 months as consoler and chief.

>> to the entire community of aurora.

>> here in newtown.

>> now the washington navy yard . if we want to honor these 12 men and women and be a country where we can go to work and go to school and walk our streets free from senseless violence without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, then we're going to have to change.

>> reporter: after failing to rally congress on a background check bill in the wake of sandy hook , the president once again pushed for action.

>> but if we can prevent even one tragedy like this, save even one life, spare other families what these families are going through, surely we've got an obligation to try.

>> reporter: but getting congress to do something won't be easy. the nra convinced many law makers that more gun laws won't stop the violence .

>> the whole country knows there weren't enough good guys with guns.

>> reporter: but there's a growing new lobby against the nra. families of the victims of gun violence vowing to become a political machine .

>> it took six votes over seven years to get the initial brady law passed and sarah and jim brady didn't give up. and those of us who are involved and unfortunately our numbers are growing, we're not giving up.

>> guys, as you know, there's political paralysis when it comes to the gun issue and the recall elections that took place in colorado just a few weeks ago almost guarantees that politically there's just no motivation by those in congress to do anything right now.