TODAY   |  September 23, 2013

Baby girl born in Texas, live on TODAY

A couple welcome their second child, a daughter, into the world as part of TODAY’s weeklong #BornTODAY series. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports live from the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston where 15 other mothers are in labor.

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>> all day long in the challenge facing parents in 2013 .

>> that's a live birth .

>> this is a baby being born right now at the women's hospital of texas in houston texas . mom and dad are there.

>> incredible.

>> is she handing them something.

>> good, janet, what's happening.

>> how about that.

>> here at the women's hospital of texas and i am with emily and she has just had her second baby, a little girl she is going to name haley born within the last minute. how are you doing emily ? look at that camera and tell us.

>> i'm fine.

>> she's doing great. they're cutting the cord as you can see and everything has gone very smoothly here. she is doing well. dad, how are you doing?

>> i'm fine.

>> and guess what guys, we have 15 other women at this hospital in labor and delivery so it is going to be an action packed morning but we're welcoming haley to the world and we have something special for her. here it is. her first onesie in honor of our born today.

>> janet, thank you.

>> first of all, welcome haley . who is cooler than emily , though? can you believe that? you have just given birth to a baby and the cameras are there for the entire country and you turn and say hi.

>> hi, how is it going?

>> and 15 other moms in labor this morning, we may see births throughout the show today which means, i guess, i'm going to be crying every five minutes or so.

>> it's such a cliche but there is no more profound change in a person's life than when they have a baby whether it's the mother or the father. it's an incredible moment and part of our born today series. we're talking about what it's like to raise children in today's world. new advances in technology in terms of having a baby and for couples struggling with fertility and philosophies in raising children as well.

>> also what it costs to have a baby these days but of course that moment right there is priceless.

>> you guys are so smooth and calm.

>> my heart is racing.

>> i'm more nervous than haley . matt lauer just said how about emily turning to the