TODAY   |  September 22, 2013

Witness delivers twins on car accident scene

Expectant mother Jessica Stanley, already in labor, was on her way to a Miami hospital when she got in a car accident. Luckily, one of the witnesses was a medical technician. NBC’s Jinah Kim reports.

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>>> a phenomenal birth story that will likely be told in one family and many others for years to come. a woman is in labor, driving herself to the hospital and then gets in a car accident . talk about timing. paramedics rushed to the scene. her babies, because she was pregnant with twins, were not waiting. jinah kim tells us what happened then.

>> reporter: their timing couldn't have been worse. expectant mother jessica stanley already in labor was on her way to a miami hospital with her family when they got into a car accident .

>> i blanked out when i hit my head on the windshield.

>> reporter: but their timing also couldn't have been better. a medical technician witnessed the accident.

>> i saw a baby head, so i turned to look at him again. i said she's having a baby now. he said she's having twins. i said twins?

>> reporter: as the mother laid lei unconscious, betty horn delivered the first baby before paramedics arrived, but he wasn't breathing.

>> i took my index finger and started sweeping the back of his mouth.

>> reporter: the second baby was born minutes later at jackson south community hospital.

>> every second counted.

>> reporter: the twins are now safe and sound as are their three young siblings who were also in the car.

>> god was with us that day. somebody was praying for us that day. i'm happy i got to bring my babies into this world.

>> reporter: good samaritan horns has earned a new title.

>> we asked her to be the god mom of the baby i delivered. that's how grateful i am.

>> reporter: for "today," jinah kim , nbc news.