TODAY   |  September 22, 2013

Who will take home top honors at the Emmys?

It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, and on Sunday stars will gather in celebration. Neil Patrick Harris will host, and singers Carrie Underwood and Elton John will perform. E! correspondent Alicia Quarles reports.

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>>> it is a big night in hollywood tonight. the prime time emmy awards which celebrate television's best will be handed out.

>> we could see a trail blazing wind and a little controversy. e's alicia corals is here.

>> hi lester, hi erica. on emmy night there's always a surprise or two, from the red carpet list to tonight's big winners. this year should be no different. tonight the small screen's biggest stars will gather to celebrate the best? prime time television.

>> i think this year's emmy also have a little bit of everything. the glamour factor on the red carpet gets bigger and bigger every year. we're going to probably see a lot of surprises.

>> kerry washington could make history as the first african-american to win for outstanding lead actress in a drama series . brian cranston for his role in "breaking bad." and the cast of "modern family" are also expected to take home statues. but what is traditionally the night's most sentimental moment has already become the most controversial, a tribute to cory mon feef, the "glee" star who died earlier this year from a heroin overdose.

>> people are upset that other veteran actors aren't --

>> like jack klugman and dallas store larry hag man, left out of a tribute that includes james

gandolfini and jean stapleton: it was a rather personal choice, but cory's appeal was to maybe a little different generation than some of the others we're honoring. we felt it needed to be represented. also representing sophia vergara , a bridesmaid but never a bride.

>> it's become something of a sport to predict what sophia vergara is going to wear on the red carpet and how much skin she'll be showing.

>> fans are hoping her fourth nomination is the charge. the biggest gale changer could come from netflix with 14 nominations.

>> netflix received over a dozen nominations for "arrested development" as well as " house of cards ." it's a really big stepping stone for that platform.

>> neal patrick harris is back for the second time, he's hoping.

>> never disappoints.

>> always the best. he says he's going to dance. elton john will be performing, kerry underwood. who are you rooting for?

>> i forgot my list.

>> it's morning, it's early. i think "breaking bad" -- there we go.

>> i just started bing watching it, and i'm already up to season four.

>> they split it up, split up the season in half. next week, last episode.

>> last sunday my husband said last night's episode is an example of why this will be called the best show ever on television. alicia, thanks.