TODAY   |  September 22, 2013

Oh, snap! Priest scolds photographer mid-wedding

A priest stopped in the middle of officiating a wedding to admonish an eager photographer for the constant snapping, and threatened to stop the service if the photographer kept it up. TODAY’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> scolding from a priest that really puts a bride and groom in an awkward and uncertain predicament. take a listen.

>>> this is a solemn assembly , not a photography session, please move or i will stop.

>> look at the groom's face, and the bride and then back to the groom and then back to the bride. meanwhile, the peeft he's having none of it. you be the judge of this. was it right for him to stop in the middle of that service.

>> well, it sounds to me as if somebody was being invasive to the altar.

>> i think they were just trying to get that background shot, their beautiful faces.

>> you can go either way on it. but you would think, too, that the priest would know there's going to be a camera.

>> the priest is like scat, beat it.

>> you should note it was captured on video. so there was at least one.

>> now you've been on the "today" show and you can book your wedding with father "get out of my face."

>> i would not want that.