TODAY   |  September 21, 2013

TODAY anchors show off new studio

Check out our new digs! “We really give you a three-dimensional view of what’s happening,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer. Dreyer and her co-anchors showed off the new look of studio 1A, which includes new TV screens, the special Orange Room and an anchor desk that rotates 360 degrees.

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>>> friends of ours out there on the plaza.

>>> it is our first weekend here in the knew studio. so we thought perfect time to give you a little tour. i'm sitting at what we call home base . don't adjust your television set . i am moving. it's okay. this is one of the coolest features of the new studio 1a . lazy susan meets turn table, call it what you will. this baby rotates a full 360 degrees. in a few moments we will complete basically 180-degree turn so we will be facing the other direction. before we can get there, though, we will take a paws at 90 degrees , how about that? lester holt is across the studio from me with other new features with we have.

>> this is a production area. look at this huge tv screen. this is where i'm going to come watch the super bowl , by the way. we can split it into six screens. 15-foot screen becomes six and this is a production area. we do a lot of the product demonstrations and musical acts here and catchall area and new monitors we can put a lot of different graphics and move the segments along. over here is what we call -- we always called it the sofa area. always been an integral part of studio 1a . the screen lifts up and translucent screen and look what falls behind it. a nice flat screen tv. again, we can put whatever video we want there. if i wanted to say hi to dylan dreyer in the orange, i would simply look over and say, hello, dylan.

>> or peek over the corner. i am in the orange room . this is our awesome space where we connect with you guys at home. we follow twitter. we have kyle and joel here and they are watching everything that you are tweeting us. and especially this weekend because we are starting a new thing. it's #outyourwindow. it's what i say before i toss the local weather and this is where you send in your pictures. i want to see a peek on out of uv your window and you can see the gorges pictures coming in across the country and we can show everyone else what is happening behind you. a couple of steps away from the orange room is our merge monitor. this thing is pretty much all powerful. instead of just telling you there is a cold front i'm going to draw it on for you and instead of just showing you where there is a tropical system i'm going to take you halfway across the world to where there is some activity happening. show you a 3d view of what is now super typhoon and here is dallas. we spin around and zoom in and give you a three-dimensional view what is happening. it's a different way to show you the weather and a much more interactive way too which i happen to like. so, of course, that one is my favorite part of this whole new set.

>> you have your new iphone or whatever it is now.

>> lester always wants a crack at the weather. i think it's going to happen.

>> we just completed that 180-degree turn to the plaza, where thomas roberts is out with the crowd. i think he found a helper.

>> a spot over there. get that.

>> sorry, guys.

>> young patrick is helping out there.

>> i've inducted my little nephew patrick who is here in new york city and he is a great window washer. that is one thing that has not changed about the "today" show. the party on the plaza! this is the best window on the world ! and, yes, the party is here. we don't get to keep patrick for window cleaning at all times and as you know, he has been prefed with cookies in the green room so do not worry.