TODAY   |  September 21, 2013

Parents may sue ex-NFL player for posting identities of partying teens

When former NFL player Brian Holloway discovered his empty house in upstate New York had been trashed by hundreds of partying teens, he saw an opportunity to start a larger conversation about responsibility and substance abuse. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> former nfl star/player who is back fighting this morning, not just against the hundreds of teens who partied in his home while he wasn't there, and then posted pictures on social media , but against their parents who he says are now threatening to sue him. nbc's michelle franzen has the story.

>> this carpet was to mushy from beer and whatever.

>> reporter: former nfl player brian holloway walked through his home outside of albany, new york, each room damaged.

>> it looked like someone took a pin or something and punched holes in the wall over here.

>> reporter: and vandalized he says by teens on labor day weekend .

>> 300 kids came up here and they broke in and partied and damaged a lot and they were doing drugs and alcohol.

>> reporter: the offensive tackle who played for the new england patriots and l.a. raiders in the '80s, watched the wild night unfold from his home in florida, as teens took to social media .

>> we have 170 confirmed tweets with people verifying and validating themselves.

>> reporter: those tweets and pictures are now part of holloway 's website, help me save 300, urging the parents and teens come forward and take responsibility.

>> there is really some dangerous stuff going on up here.

>> reporter: police officers broke up the party and are investigating. so far, there are no reports of arrests. but now, in a twist, holloway says some of the parents are threatening to sue him.

>> and they were upset with me that i published something that is -- was published by their kids.

>> reporter: legal analysts say holloway doesn't need to worry.

>> these tweets and facebook posts were done publicly. he can repost them on his website with impunity.

>> reporter: the athlete turned motivational speaker hopes to drive a message home.

>> it's a big moment for parents to get a reality check and asks some big questions .

>> reporter: that someone could get hurt next time, or worse. for "today," michelle franzen , nbc news, new york.