TODAY   |  September 21, 2013

Gandolfini’s final film hits the big screen

James Gandolfini’s final film was a departure from his previous role of Tony Soprano. “He’s a lovable big bear, and the movie is getting rave reviews,” said E! correspondent Alicia Quarles. She called the film “beautiful,” and made sure to catch up TODAY’s Lester Holt and Erica Hill on other celebrity news.

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>>> it is time now to take a look at today's hollywood headlines from zac efron 's time in rehab to james gandolfini 's final movie into theaters.

>> good to see you as always.

>> good to see you two as well. good morning.

>> nice to have you in our new studio.

>> i love it!

>> nice digs.

>>> we start off with zac efron . we learned quietly he completed rehab. aguess a while ago. how did he keep it to quiet?

>> we broke this story and still the million dollar question. a age where everybody follows him, he kept it very quiet. he was there in rehab five months and promoting a movie on the assassination of jfk. if you go to rehab and you don't find out until months later, it must be serious.

>> seems to follow the recurring theme of childhood star.

>> exactly. the story we hear time and time again. young kid living in los angeles and falls into drug and the good thing is zac is trying to get a hold of it.

>> good for him. we wish him the best. so much talk since james gandolfini passed and a movie he was starring?

>> it's called "enough said." a romantic comedy . he is funny, a loveable, big bear and the movie is getting rave reviews.

>> he looks really good.

>> this was also at the toronto film festival and one of the talks of the festival. julia's first movie ever. she said during the summer she was raising her kids so she didn't have time to do movies since she had her kids.

>> john goslin, this answers. question. i asked why do i know this name?

>> he is living in a cabin and working as a waiter. he does not have tv, he does not have internet. kate goslin is suing him showing he was trying to tell the details about her. he said i've lived that high life and fallen down 20 times.

>> he says he is happy and in a good place. it always seems, though, is there a little something behind it. whenever he comes out and talks, or is it just me?

>> i'm with you on that. this is really sad. the family is getting $25,000 an episode and now he is waiting tables which nothing against it, but, you got eight kids.

>> does he see the kids?

>> he sees the kids. kate is saying he doesn't pay child support but he says he does see the kids. remember, he was living in new york a while going out clubbing.

>> lastly, nfl is suing rapper m.i.a. for apparently?

>> flipping the bird.

>> it could have been contrudy as you're number one, but probably not.

>> number one? i was on film when this happened. super bowl twelin 2012 . they are seeing a lawsuit against her because she breached a contract morality clause. she says, nfl? really? when you have players going off every week and making statements.

>> i remember it.

>> do you remember it?

>> i do.

>> m.i.a. is not going down quietly. should be an interesting fight.