TODAY   |  September 21, 2013

Mystery clown spooks British town

In a sleepy English town something very strange is going on, and it has people looking over their shoulders. Known as the Northampton clown, he carries balloons, and sometimes a teddy bear, but doesn’t speak. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> on edge this morning. freaking out. depends on how they feel about clowns.

>> feel free to close your eyes for this story. this guy has been showing up all over dressed as a pretty creepy clown and his identity remains a mystery, as does his motive. if your kids don't like clowns, you might want to send them to another room.

>> reporter: in a sleepy english town, something very strange is going on and it has people looking over their shoulders.

>> weird.

>> reporter: with the hours late and the light starts to go, someone spooky appears. this mystery clown doesn't juggle, he doesn't speak, he just stands there. he was first spotted on friday, the 13th, and has since been seen all over the town of north hampton and posting photos on his facebook page and getting likes but not everybody is a fan.

>> it's scary. if i was alone i would probably cry.

>> when i first saw the picture, it was frightening. we thought, a crazy man is outside.

>> reporter: for many people, it's not laughing matter. clowns, well, just freak them out.

>> because it's a mask. because it may be something that people are unfamiliar with, it can generate fears and for some people, that goes back to childhood when they were frightened by clowns.

>> reporter: there is even a term for it. kouirophobia described as irrational fear of clowns. fast heartbeat and crying among the symptoms. we can probably blame stephen king for some of that. the clown from that movie and the one around here bears a striking referable striking resemblancresemblance. all people are interested in is his identity i haven't found the clown yet but i will find the clown.

>> reporter: for now, everyone is watching and waiting to see where the creepy clown will turn up next.