TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Raise the roof! Kathie Lee and Hoda get exercise lesson

To prepare for the upcoming 2nd Annual JAM World Record Day, in which kids around the world will stop what they’re doing to participate in a one-minute fitness routine, Kathie Lee and Hoda are joined by members of the Just-A-Minute School Program to learn moves that will help eliminate childhood obesity.

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>>> it's national childhood obesity awareness month.

>> kids around the globe will take a minute to stop and exercise for the second annual jam world record day.

>> here with some of her young friends is patty howell. she's the founder of the program. with a bunch of her little friends.

>> hi, nice to see you.

>> j. stands for?

>> just a minute. we provide physical activity routines at school that are designed to take a minute to do.

>> are kids not doing any recess or exercising?

>> they're cutting back a lot of programs.

>> unfortunately, a lot of that is going away. even if they do do pe, you shouldn't sit at your desk the rest of the day. our program focuses on giving teachers things they can do with the kids. the best part is, the kids are leading their peers over the p.a. system .

>> good peer pressure .

>> is it fun or is it -- does it feel like exercise?

>> shall we ask?

>> are you going to show us how to do it?

>> yes.

>> are you sure it's easy because we're not that coordinated.

>> i am, but hoda is challenged.

>> oh, lord.

>> all right, matthew, why don't you show us a few moves, okay?

>> we're ready. are we going to copy you? raise the roof . i love it. what else? knees. what are you doing? knees. raise the roof . squeeze. up. hula hoop . take one. around.

>> oh, i like it.

>> freestyle with your hands.

>> okay, now other way.

>> other way, okay.

>> okay, next one, imitate your favorite sport.

>> what is it?

>> go long. basketball.

>> i'm surprised kathie lee .

>> touchdown.

>> ready for the last one?

>> last one.

>> show some jamming love.