TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Sweet caramel eats that will melt in your mouth

Kathie Lee and Hoda get treated to a delicious caramel apple tart dessert made by Werther’s Caramel Chef and Food Network host Gale Gand. And not only does the caramel expert teach a delectable recipe, but gives a lesson in proper pronunciation as well!

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>>> and it is time for today's kitchen delicious dessert. so get ready to have a meltdown with sweet treats made from smooth creamy caramels. if you're looking for something special to top off your meal this weekend, you're in luck. here with us is the host of the food network 's sweet dreams and wor werther's caramel chef. let's begin with the pronunciation. there are caramels and i'm also heard people say carmels.

>> i think carmel is a place in california that's really nice to go to.

>> it's another syllable to it.

>> it's a three-syllable word. caramel. i'll start with a caramel apple tart. the thing about these new werther's baking caramels, they're soft, they're chewy and super easy to unwrap. throw it in the pot for me.

>> wow, i seem to be having trouble with mine.

>> here we go.

>> they're a little bit bigger than other ones.

>> but we like that.

>> so we've got a lot there. can you stir this? we can eat after, i promise. let's get the apples ready. i want to show you an easy way to core an apple . i think apple corers are a nightmare. they never go down the apple straight. what i like to use is a melon baller .

>> a what baller?

>> mil melon baller . press down, give it a twist. now you've taken out the bit you need to get rid of.

>> she's right. i like it better. very smart.

>> usually cut down to earth is what people say so cut a few slices of apple here. now we'll start sauteing the apple . can you take this butter? that is stirred. we need to add cinnamon. about a quarter of a teaspoon.

>> cinnamon lee.

>> such a sad story. his surgery turned out well. they found his other ball, it was in his stomach. anyway.

>> if you don't know what we're talking about, you're fine. anyway, continue.

>> about five minutes, until they get nice and tender.

>> we've got this puff pastry we cut out. move it over to a pan. then bake by itself for about 15 minutes . now we're going to combine the caramel and apple .

>> dump it in.

>> the warmth of this will be no problem.

>> come on.

>> look at that.

>> come on. come on. i'm hungry. some of us are hungry.

>> get this thing topped off.

>> this looks good.

>> you know that smell in the kitchen, that's the real butter and fresh cream.

>> we're going to finish the apple tart.

>> we need to dunk it in the werthers.