TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Look like a million bucks while staying under budget

Eve Michaels, author of “The Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy,” teaches the tips and tricks to spruce up your wardrobe, like updating a blazer with brand-new buttons, and grooming your locks with a good blowout.

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>>> all right, spending a ton of money on your wardrobe isn't realistic for most people but that doesn't mean you can't look like a million bucks.

>> here to share her tricks on how to look expensive is eve michaels. author of "the dress code, ending fashion anarchy."

>> you are sensational.

>> thank you.

>> you're talking about small subtle changes, inexpensive, that can change your look?

>> all right, buttons on a jacket. let's begin with that.

>> this is a blazer i think everywoman in this country owns. we get tired of it, we got bored. so --

>> look at vanessa who works in finance.

>> we spent $10.50 and we bought new buttons.

>> let's show them the buttons.

>> huge difference, huge.

>> we bumped it up with a $30 necklace and inexpensive earrings. she looks much more chic and expensive.

>> i love the braid in the back. very pretty.

>> shoes are always important.

>> shoes are important. i know you ladies know the importance thatter should polish your shoes and keep them well heeled.

>> i never polish them.

>> whether you have flats or heels, shoes really make a statement about who you are. this is a big kept beverly hills secret. it's called dancer soles. they can put this on in any color. red, black, cream.

>> who does that?

>> a shoe repair place.

>> for $20 something. it will keep you from slipping. some of these shoes have been worn for seven years and they look like new.

>> tailoring is a big thing.

>> we have kay. let's see her before. most women fit the bust and the widest part. with kate, it's the bust and the hips. and then they just wear it like that. so we just shortened the sleeves. a little bit of tailoring. shorten the sleeve. it's going to do a fake clip here. we're going to take that in. lastly, you'll see why in a second. then we're going to put on the belt. go ahead, put on your belt.

>> all right.

>> so then we get to accentuate her waistline. then we go from ordinary to extraordinary with a little tailoring. always fit the widest part and then take in to show the narrowest part. whether it's your sleeve, your waist.

>> i love kate.

>> you look like christina hendricks now.

>> adorable.

>> thank you.

>> is this claire?

>> this is claire.

>> look at her before.

>> okay.

>> what a difference a little grooming makes.

>> let's see the after. we had her hair blown out.

>> a lot of people think if they're casual they can't look glamorous and that's not true. even if you're in sweaters or t-shirts, what an amazing difference, getting a blowout. i'm going to bump her up. let's hold your hair out real quick. we put on a little necklace. whoa. okay. got it? okay. look at the difference. a blow out and a necklace.

>> $15 for this necklace.

>> okay, now, statement jewelry. do most of the pieces you're seeing cost anywhere from $10 to $30. but they're all affordable, amazing. taking a statement piece, putting it on you, will bump up your entire look. grooming and grooming. little tricks of stylists. washing your dark colors with vinegar, vit vinegar, will keep your darks dark. if you didn't do that, a lot of us think when we have black t-shirts or denims we need to get rid of them when they fade. buy rit dye, bring the color back, they look like new.

>> thank you so much. cooking