TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Weekend Chatter: And the Emmy goes to…

E! Correspondent Jason Kennedy clues you in on the best movies, TV shows, and music to watch out for this weekend. And catch up on your 30 Rock and Downton Abbey because the Emmy Awards top the list and are not to be missed.

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>>> we're back on this try day friday with more on your weekend chatter. just so you're ahead of the game when it comes to the entertainment to look forward to.

>> it is e! news correspondent jason kennedy .

>> our brother, we love him.

>> thank you, i love the new digs.

>> taye diggs was here but this is the other digs.

>> she's on a roll.

>> certainly is. take us to the movies.

>> "enough said" is coming out. i've not heard a bad review. julia louis-dreyfus. she plays a single mom . james gandolfini plays her man. this is one of his last films before he passed away . we've also got "prisoner," everybody's favorite. hugh jack man.

>> saw it yesterday. it is a tough movie.

>> he goes to a dark, dark place . his daughter gets kidnapped. you've got jake gyllenhaal as the detective.

>> a lot of violence.

>> it's so well done. the cast is amazing. viola davis . we had terrence howard yesterday.

>> what about the violence level? who will be able to handle this movie?

>> i don't think it's a kid's movie. leech t leave the kids at home. if you want to stay at home , you've got "behind the candelabra" out. liberace and his lover. michael douglas , matt damon . incredible performances.

>> i hear it's unbelievable. are they nominated for emmys ?

>> they both have an emmy nomination .

>> "game of thrones" leads the pack. 16 nominations. i think it's going to be a big night for "breaking bad." people cannot get enough.

>> knowing it's coming to an end, everybody's showering it with all the acclaims.

>> aren't they doing something at the end there? through 2015 or something?

>> bryan cranston 's not going to be in it, aaron paul will not be in it.

>> they're the heart and soul.

>> they do have emmy nominations. neil patrick harris is hosting.

>> i love him. the best, the best.

>> he's going to start hosting parties at my house because, you know, why not, he hosts everything.

>> his second time hosting the emmys . so something special will happen out there.

>> always good, always professional, always delivers.

>> we got to mention "30 roc." it's their final season. alec baldwin , tina fey .

>> i thought it was done.

>> they're done but they're nominated for emmys so we can't forget about them.

>> they won't go away.

>> it's never over. all right.

>> i love that show.

>> there's a premiere next week coming up.

>> big week for nbc. "the black list ," james spader .

>> which is getting great, great, great buzz.

>> that's going to be on monday. he plays a guy on the fbi's most wanted list. he suddenly turns himself in to the fbi and helps them find a terrorist. but he's trying to negotiate a deal.

>> all for a woman, right?

>> he's trying to negotiate a little deal through the whole thing. and then of course "the voice." hoda's very excited about this. blake 's going to be back on television.

>> and carson. we can say our carson now.

>> and christina aguilera and c-lo are back.

>> it was genius removing two judges and flipping it and then adding two. the anticipation is building now for a new season.

>> if you're a fan of shakira and usher, they're going to be on next season so they're kind of switching them out.

>> who's going to go the season after, not blake , blake stays?

>> yeah. you gonna be all right?

>> i think so.

>> it could be an international incident if blake goes. the music world .

>> cher. monday's the big day . how about -- do you believe in love whoa. that was weird. do we have to pay for that?

>> it's not his fault. he is going through puberty.

>> weird. changes are happening. but it's her 26th studio album .

>> she's amazing.

>> she went blonde for this album. for the video. she said it's her best album yet. i don't know what that is. there it is right there. for her to say it's her best album , i know they always say that, but she was very adamant about that.

>> this kind of music, this kind of effort, left in her. not even left in her. you know, she hit marks that she never had done before.