TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Taye Diggs melts Kathie Lee’s heart with rom-com talk

The “jauntily delicious man” swings by the Fourth Hour to promote his upcoming film “Baggage Claim,” which opens next Friday. Diggs is no stranger to movie romance, and he talks about his 10-year marriage to fellow actor Idina Menzel, and their adorable four-year-old son Walker.

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>>> the upcoming romantic comedy "baggage game" is a flight attendant would gives herself 30 days to find a man.

>> she's not trying to get into the mile high club but she does lose her frequent flyer status to reconnect with her past bowes. including taye diggses would kind of is already spoken for.

>> montana, this is juicy. juicy, this is montana.

>> she's so cute. can i pet her? oh!

>> juicy, stop that, shame on you. i'm sorry. she's jealous. she likes to mark her territory.

>> hi.

>> you were having a little fun there, weren't you?

>> fun.

>> nice to see you.

>> good to see you as well.

>> you are looking jauntily today.

>> apparently i'm looking delicious.

>> you're jauntily delicious today.

>> what a fan cast in this movie, by the way.

>> films like this are always great because it's like a party. you get everybody you haven't seen in a while. and paula patton , she really does her thing.

>> she's great at comedy.

>> she's come into her own.

>> you seem comfy holding that little puppy. do you have a dog in real life ?

>> i've had dogs in the past.

>> but enough about old girlfriends. that's what you meant, hoda.

>> the hits keep on coming.

>> i just got a look at myself on this sofa. i think i disappear. what to you think?

>> i love it, i love it.

>> listen, you've got a little one now. he's now 4 years old.

>> we got hip m in school and he's a world traveler so he's making an amazing adjustment.

>> is he in an ad already? god milk?

>> that's the only ad we allowed ourselves to allow him in because, you know, that's history, the milk ad. one of my favorite pictures ever.

>> paula patton was on this show at 9:00 with al and company. did you see her --

>> yes, i did.

>> al has that way with women.

>> wait.

>> oh, yeah.

>> that's called twerking.

>> that's why it's called delicious.

>> did you see al's face? that was sick.

>> here we go.

>> come on.

>> oh, the lady. go, go. he's like, i'm ready. look at his face.

>> he didn't worry about the repercussions there.

>> i don't mind it.

>> what would happen if your gorgeous wife adina saw you in a situation like that with, say, hoda?

>> she'd probably cheer me on.

>> really?

>> she would?

>> is that the secret to a good marriage? how long you been together now?

>> we been together 16 and married -- this is our tenth year.

>> so this is a solid -- this is no fly in the pants kind of --

>> it's solid today, you know how it goes.

>> she's an actress herself.

>> she is. we relocated back to new york because she's doing a big, big musical that's supposed to be, you know, smashing called "if then." so we're on the east side now.

>> taye, you've done so many films. is "sptella gets her groove back" the one people ask you about the most?

>> my first film.

>> when you read a script, you can't know how it's going to turn out.

>> you never know.

>> hadn't you had a modeling career before that?

>> thank you very much, but i never was a model. i know it kind of looks like it. no, i tried, but nobody would have me. i was too short.

>> well, they're crazy.

>> that's what my mom said.

>> yes, yes.

>> taye, we're rooting for you.

>> look at the ad with your son. you are a model now, baby.

>> thank you.

>> we'll see you. the next thing, you come back and see us.

>> "baggage claim" opens next friday at a theater near you.