TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Make these delicious salmon croquettes

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in America, so you may be looking for a fresh way to make it. That’s where chef Ed Brown of Ed’s Chowder House, comes in, with two simple and delicious recipes for adding a little flair to your salmon dish.

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>>> back now in the kitchen with new ideas. he is the chef here in new york. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> you're going to show us how to make salmon quick.

>> great idea.

>> let's do it.

>> that will make it moist.

>> fresh with olive oil .

>> you're going to shingle this.

>> onions on top. it's going to shield the heat from drying out the salmon and keep it moist.

>> okay.

>> salt, pepper, under the broiler, gone.

>> my kids love salmon .

>> okay.

>> this is for left over salmon ?

>> well, this is for the regular salmon . tomatoes, basil, mint, olive oil , soy sauce and lemons. herbs, sour cream . we saut? them in a pan and make them golden.

>> so nothing is to waste.

>> nothing is to waste.

>> simple as can be.

>> white bread crumbs.

>> okay.

>> go ahead.

>> okay.

>> right from the oven.

>> look at that.

>> look at those shingles.

>> i had those when i was a boy.

>> not pretty.

>> so --

>> oh but you -- take the onions off the top. you do eat these. put them on the bottom.

>> does the salmon caramelize them?

>> they get caramelized but shields the salmon from the heat.

>> this is fantastic.

>> this is stuff everybody can do.

>> what is this?

>> this is my dad's favorite dish. so day old spaghetti rebaked with a little cheese. olive smashed potatoes with parsely and olives. farm roasted carrots.

>> love those.

>> baked apples, ice cream , ginger snap cookies and of course -- wine.

>> okay. i'm your favorite dish.

>> this goes well with salmon rusty. thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> it's noontime somewhere. we're back in a moment. this is