TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Navy Yard tragedy, iPhone are among week’s top photos

Josh Zepps of HuffPost Live shares some of the most memorable images of the week with TODAY’s anchors and viewers.

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>> this week was filled with memorable moments and important news stories like the shooting at the washington navy yard and the devastating floods in colorado.

>> those stories and more captured in very powerful imagines. here to take us through them is josh. good to see you.

>> good to see you guys.

>> let's start with one of the stories al mentioned. the tragedy on monday at the navy yard .

>> it's horrible. this first imagine is of a vigil at freedom plaza . we all know about the tragedy. 13 people were killed including the gunman. 8 people were injured. he was a former navy serviceman who unfortunately snapped. these tragedies are happening so often that imagines like this are a background part of american life .

>> sometimes i think people are just -- it's like here we go again.

>> what do you say in a moment like this? it happens with such regular you la d it happens so regularly it's exhausting.

>> this is an image of a guy in colorado -- that's a different image which is worse. the scale of this is incredible. over 15 inches in two days. six people died. $2 billion worth of damage. they also have the worst wild fires on record. boulder has already exceeded it's annual precipitation level. and we're in september.

>> yeah.

>> and still people missing there by the way.

>> yeah, about 140 or so.

>> this is going to take a long time to shake out. they call it a 1 in 1,000 year event. it maybe more common going forward.

>> let's take a look at the costa concordia which after all of these months was pulled upright.

>> it seems like so long ago. it was january of last year. it was 20 months agatha this thing ran aground in italy. it is the largest salvage operation in the history of the world . it ran aground because the captain took it off course.

>> for pictures.

>> what could possibly go wrong.

>> take a picture of my boat.

>> there are two people missing. there were over 4,000 people on this thing.

>> it's amazing.

>> it is especially since the captain abandoned the ship. he is charged with manslaughter and abandoning the ship. he sat there and watched it go down.

>> and they have to right it so it's easier to take away and destroy.

>> yeah. they have to wait.

>> yeah.

>> on a lighter topic, the iphone 5.

>> yeah.

>> the 5s and 5c.

>> people have been camped out all over the world, of course. they're camped out here and camped out in tokyo. i always figure -- this is an imagine fr image from tokyo. they get into it. you have to admire the first guy in line. he is a fanatical idiot but he's the number one fanatical idiot. i got the 12th iphone 5.

>> you could have ordered it online.

>> there's nothing about being the 12th most fanatical idiot.

>> brad pitt crashing a wedding.

>> but that happens.

>> you had brad pitt crash your wedding?

>> i crashed his.

>> so this is in the uk. this is abby and daniel. you know how couples have an agreement that maybe if you ever encountered like the number one movie star in the world, if you are going through the english country side and you happen upon a tavern where brad pitt is drinking, go for it.

>> this is their wedding day.

>> he spotted him and dragged the bride-to-be out. it's so sweet.

>> it is. apparently he was nice to them and took a photo. yeah, he's over there shooting a movie that will be released.

>> that's like, wedding night , here's brad pitt .

>> i know we just exchanged vows four minutes ago but that's brad pitt .

>> yeah.

>> this is your favorite photograph.

>> this is my favorite one. it's a baby squirrel asleep. so he found this?

>> yes, this is a wildlife photographer who found this tiny itty bitty indian palm squirrel . it was detached from his mother and all alone and he carries it in his shirt pocket.

>> he could have reintroduced him to natural.

>> they want to.

>> looks pretty big there.

>> this is not to scale. this is not to scale, may i repeat. if you're drinking a cup of coffee and it tastes -- there's a squirrel --

>> that's wrong.

>> they're trying to find a place to rehabilitate it.

>> it's one of my favorites.

>> josh, thanks so much.

>> good to see you.

>> up next, all the news you need before you leave the house.

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