TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

TODAY’s Take: Anchors reveal their Emmy picks

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Al Roker are joined by guest co-host Brooke Shields to talk about the buzziest topics of the day, including the Emmys this weekend. Willie and Brooke bet on AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” while Al goes all in on Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

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>> savannah guthrie .

>> friday morning, september 20th . come into the studio here as we open the 9:00 hour. savannah guthrie has lost her phone and she is rifling through the couch cushions.

>> free eyeliner.

>> they gave them to --

>> did they.

>> they were sort of on the spot.

>> what did you come away with?

>> this volume thing for your hair.

>> that's good.

>> do you like any of these eyeliners? i'll share.

>> i didn't earn them.

>> brooke shields is here.

>> brooke shields ladies and gentlemen .

>> pink and white striped case.

>> my daughter would love that.

>> did you check the orange room ? carson --

>> yeah, go check the orange room .

>> okay.

>> hey, carson --

>> good to see you, savannah.

>> carson , did you see savannah's phone.

>> did you see my phone.

>> he took it.

>> just a little housekeeping.

>> he doesn't have a phone.

>> we'll keep you posted on the progress of that search.

>> if you can't find it, good news, a story about the new iphone .

>> perfect segway.

>> we didn't give you a proper introduction.

>> that's okay.

>> the great brooke shields .

>> we love having you here always.

>> thank you.

>> this iphone thing, people are going crazy. 5s and 5c. this is a live picture of the apple store in midtown manhattan .

>> this is the flag ship store. i road by there on my bike at 4:15.

>> they were kamcamping out.

>> there's people that's been there for ten days.

>> ten days?

>> seriously. they bring food and sleeping bags , et cetera . i'm not one of those people.

>> they come in different colors.

>> the c comes in like five colors and the s comes in three different colors.

>> and the gold.

>> champagne had already sold out by 8:30. the store opened at 8:00 and they were sold out by 8:30.

>> i wonder what that does with the phone cases?

>> they show off the colors.

>> i always say it's like cabbage patch dolls for adults. we become possessed and we have to have this and not show up for work. we will ignore our families. we have to be first.

>> we have to win.

>> there's a finite number of iphone .

>> you can't get it online?

>> you could have started ordering at 12:01 .

>> but there's something for these folks -- there's something about waiting in line and saying they were there.

>> they got it first.

>> they got it first. but that there's a -- a gauntlet that's been run.

>> right.

>> it's the ego.

>> it's the running of the bulls .

>> that's right. i was first.

>> it's a very ego based situation.

>> is there anything you would wait in line for.

>> oh, gosh -- consumer-wise?

>> i think as i get older my patience for waiting in line decreases with age. remember when we were in our 20s and wait in line to go to a club or a bar?

>> the thought of that right now.

>> forget it.

>> no, maybe something for my kids. maybe if it was a doctor's appointment that was only there and you didn't have an appointment and they opened at 8:30 i would get there at 6:30 but that's it.

>> i remember one standing in line.

>> health.

>> i know where to draw the line. iphone , kids.

>> there was a finite number of apartments, this was when i was living in washington d.c. and getting in line at like 5:00 in the morning to wait to try to get a condo.

>> i've done it for books, like at book signings when i know the author is going to be there to get the book signed. to get one of the first copies of the book.

>> turns out you were the author.

>> yeah. but then it was the ego. no, uh-huh. oh, you're so pretty in that sweater.

>> is that how you said it? a different voice of and everything.

>> you're so pretty in that sweater.

>> my alter ego . i have no idea who that is.

>> driving miss daisy .

>> that commercial and you're little friend too.

>> your little friend.

>> all those pythons you got there.

>> i love that commercial.

>> brooke shields never waited in line, here comes the first reference of the day, studio 54 .

>> just right in.

>> let's talk about the emmys. they're sunday night. the nominations are out. neil patrick harris hosting.

>> love that.

>> tv is so good right now that you go down the list of nominees. it's hard to pick but we're going to try.

>> okay.

>> here's predictions. outstanding drama series .

>> house of cards on netflix.

>> a smart pick.

>> kevin spacey , the cast, it crackles.

>> and the way tv is going i think people will give a nod to netflix.

>> the whole cast is going to show up. they're all going to be there representing which is great. for me, i'm obsessed with breaking bad .

>> yeah and it's the last season.

>> and it's just --

>> another good pick. i did breaking bad too. have to confess i haven't followed it as closely or followed it as intensely as most people have. i think it's so popular.

>> it's unnerving.

>> that's the problem. you're watching it and i get so nervous and anxious that --

>> but the attention to detail is so, so good. they'll have a call back from season 1 . they had a call back this past sunday from season 1 , just an item of clothing that was there and you just think that's just genius, their attention to detail. i'll a huge fan.

>> let's check out comedy. al, what did you go with?

>> i went with the show "veep".

>> i love that show.

>> it's just funny. it's profane. it's bitter. it's just -- it's washington.

>> her delivery is incredible.

>> and the people in her orbit are just unbelievable.

>> everybody.

>> it's gotten better season to season.

>> and they let it get better. they let it mature. do you know what i mean ?

>> it's breathes. it takes it's time but you don't feel bored.

>> but 30 rock . it is it's last season. do they give it the parting -- you know --

>> i went with you too. i went with " 30 rock ." you give the lifetime achievement award .

>> they had one before but why not.

>> we were talking about kerry washington in scandal and the best actress in a drama series . this category, connie briton, robin wright .

>> that's tough.

>> but kerry washington is so great in that show.

>> how hot is she right now.

>> she is everywhere.

>> she is everywhere and she is stunning.

>> yeah and smart.

>> and smart. went to college and --

>> makes her own clothes.

>> wow.

>> very few people know that.

>> i did not know that.

>> where does it end with her? so the emmys are sunday night.

>> on another network.

>> so that conversation ends here and now.

>> just tune in on monday. we'll have it all broken down for you. you got too much to do with your life to spend it -- other than neil patrick harris and you can see the best of the next day.

>> right here.

>> watch sunday night football on nbc.

>> there it is.

>> sunday night football and then we'll break it down.

>> have a picnic or go watch football. be with your family.

>> be your family. sunday night is family night. don't waste it in front of another network.

>> we've lost the beauty of family time.

>> i'll be interested to hear what the viewers think about this story. an arizona school, it's a public charter school , grades 7 through 12. it's in phoenix. has these t-shirts out. it's called north point prep, they say wtf on the front and then says we're the falcons. falcons is the school mascot . some parents are upset. she said one mom says everyone knows what it means. the first impression, everyone thinks it's funny. i think it's distracting and i don't know what lesson they're trying to teach.

>> also they contacted the principal and he through the kids under the bus and said they think it's funny.

>> but you're the principal. show a little leadership.

>> it's not like it's west side theater falcons. it's not even those three letters. it's what the -- i'm supposed to do that and they're supposed to do some honk or something.

>> do it again.

>> what the -- [ honk ]

>> right.

>> a little late.

>> a delay.

>> i think this would be a perfect thing for our orange room poll if people would go in. let's put that on our poll, or poll.

>> yeah.

>> do you think the principal should show a little backbone and just ban the t-shirt and go ahead -- or is it okay?

>> and how about something like smarter about the falcons. like there's just got to be -- i think a smarter way.

>> this wreaks of hey, kids, i'm a cool principal.

>> i'm not your principal. i'm your friend.

>> exactly.

>> i'm the cool principal.

>> is that the voice?