TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

So cute! George W. Bush makes grandbaby giggle

TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager is back from maternity leave, and shares an adorable video of her father, President George W. Bush, making her five-month-old Mila laugh for the first time.

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>>> well, this morning we're very happy to welcome back generjenna bush-hager who is back from maternity leave . her baby girl is just about 5 months old.

>> i'm glad to be back.

>> we have a fix and zip for you.

>> that's my baby. that's mila .

>> mila .

>> everything changed. you have a baby and come back to an orange studio.

>> it is not complete until you're sitting on this couch. we missed you.

>> i missed you guys although i have to say i really liked maternity leave .

>> well, mila is adorable.

>> yeah.

>> we hear that your dad already knows how to make mila laugh.

take a look: if we have it. [ laughter ]

>> that was the first time she ever laughed and i have to say at first he was -- my mom connected right away and he said bring that baby back when she can talk. and then he made her -- she laughed at him, which, of course if you laugh at my dad, that's it. he's an entertainer. she laughed at him and that's it. they're in love.