TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Why your parents don’t approve of your man

British and Dutch scientists believe they have found the reason why parents rarely feel their daughter’s boyfriend is “good enough.” They have pinpointed an evolutionary instinct that parents are biologically inclined to want a son-in-law who can provide support, both emotionally and monetarily, to their families.

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>> real reason why your parents may not like your partners.

>> what is that?

>> wow.

>> why would you throw us under the bus.

>> scientists did some research and they found that it actually has to do with grandkids. they have a deep evolutionary instinct to see their kids settle with someone that can provide for their family. they are preprogrammed to make sure their children end up with love, support and money.

>> your mom doesn't like mike?

>> my mom loves mike. it's me.

>> oh, look.

>> there you go.

>> right there.

>> actually my mom and mike e-mail each other.

>> they have their own independent relationship.

>> we'll have to start watching out for mike and your