TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

‘Wheel of Fortune’ loser gets gift from Jimmy Fallon

Paul Atkinson, a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant who misspoke and lost out on a chance to win $1 million, appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Thursday to explain what exactly went wrong. And just in case Atkinson hasn’t learned the phrase he mispronounced by now, Fallon gave him his very own “corner curio cabinet.”

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>> yesterday about the wheel of fortune contestant? missing out on a chance to win a million dollar prize after flubing the answer to a question. jimmy fallon asked him what went wrong.

>> it was part nerves. pat was like right here and he is a legend. so right here.

>> you seem really calm right now, paul.

>> jimmy fallon not so much. later paul confessing he didn't know what a corner curio cabinet was so jimmy brought him one out as a gift.

>> that makes up for all the money he lost.

>> he was funny. he had a good sense of humor.