TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Massive crowds await new iPhones

The new Apple iPhone 5C and 5S are available for purchase today across the country, and as always, devotees are winding around city blocks waiting to be one of the first to own the latest gadget. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> yeah, because the new iphone are coming out today. they're up for sale. carson making his second venture outside the orange room this week. he is in the monitor because he is down the block.

>> how are you doing? 3:30 in the morning she got here. the am store is quite the scene this morning. thousands of apple faithfuls trying to get their hands on not one but two new apple iphone being released today. the 5s and the 5c. here's more.

>> reporter: lines of devoted iphone fans are wrapped around the block and around the world. it's becoming something of a badge of honor.

>> this is my tenth day out here.

>> 14 days. going on 15.

>> waiting forever for it.

>> reporter: to be among the first to grab the latest iphone .

>> i'm excited.

>> it's like christmas.

>> one of the most impressive new features is at your fingerti fingertips.

>> the fingerprint technology.

>> the fingerprint tester wowed me.

>> putting the fingerprint reader on the phone.

>> reporter: as for the people asking didn't i just buy a new iphone last year, apple is offering a buy back program.

>> they'll evaluate it and give you credit but it can only be used for a new iphone .

>> reporter: samsung, the maker of the top selling android galaxy has been open about going after the apple crowd.

>> if it doesn't workout.

>> no, i love it.

>> hey.

>> hey, mom, dad.

>> reporter: when it comes to smartphones, androids outsell iphone by more than 7%.

>> android is the market share leader right now. that's a fact.

>> reporter: but the gap is closing. according to a survey in fortune magazine , 20% of iphone customers switched from android. while only 7% of samsung phones were apple defectors.

>> apple wants to make sure people will be holding an iphone in their hands today, tomorrow, and forever.

>> people online just staring at the phones there, sorry about that. everybody is in a trance as you can imagine. this is all the bells and whistles or the 5c comes in colors and it's cheaper. you can touch it. you can touch it -- hey, give me that back. you might want to wait because the rumor is that maybe the iphone 6 might not be too far down the road.

>> don't start with that.

>> troublemaker.

>> two golds, one grey, one silver.