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TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

Amanda Knox on retrial: ‘Everything's at stake’

Amanda Knox talks exclusively to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about the potential outcome of the upcoming retrial over the 2007 murder of her former roommate, saying she’s thought about facing more prison time. "I think about it all the time. It's so scary. Everything's at stake," she said.

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>>> continue our conversation with amanda knox . i know you don't love hypotheticals. but if you're found guilty in this trial in italy the italian government could request you be extradited to that country. has your legal team been in contact with the state department or the justice department to find out if they would extradite you?

>> that's not the primary concern of my lawyers right now. i don't believe that they have. precisely because they are still confident that we can win this. it's interesting --

>> what's your degree of confidence and i hate to do a scale of 1 to 10. are you a 10? are you an 8?

>> i'm a 9. there's always the fear that's lingering and the experience of being convicted when i shouldn't have. but things are changed. it's not just the prosecutions voice that's out there. and while it is the legal process in italy where one can be convicted of a crime if there is no motive to be found and if there's only circumstantial evidence, you cannot be convicted if there is proof to the contrary.

>> so that one in ten chance, back to the hypothetical, if you're found guilty you could live in this country. they could want you extradited. you could be here outside the reach of the italian law but with an international arrest warrant hanging over your head. you wouldn't be allowed to travel. could you imagine life like that?

>> i imagine it all the time because i have to think the worst case scenario . i have to prepare in my mind what that would be like. i mean, i thought about what it would be like to live my entire life in prison . and to lose everything. to lose what i have been able to come back to and rebuild. i think about it all the time and it's so scary. everything is at stake.

>> and finally, meredith's parents may not be swayed by a verdict one way or another. they may always think that you are responsible for the death, the murder of their daughter. can you live with that?

>> i really hope that that isn't the case. i really hope that they can come to understand that it's so hard to be logical about this when you have lost someone so close to you and so important to you but i really hope that with time, with things changing they'll give me innocence a chance and i'll be able to approach them. i don't want to be forever separated from them because at this point meredith is a part of my life and i only knew her for a very short amount of time. but she'll always be there. and i want to be able to share that with them.

>> amanda knox , thank you for taking time to talk to us this morning. we'll be following this trial.