TODAY   |  September 20, 2013

13 shot, including 3-year old, in Chicago

Authorities are saying that a gang-related shooting spree in Chicago has left 13 people shot, including a 3-year old. Across the city yesterday, more than 23 people were wounded, with 2 fatalities. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>> but first, more violence in chicago . 13 people wounded after another mass shooting. one of the victims a 3-year-old. john yang is in chicago . good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. very violent night overnight in chicago . that incident on the south side of chicago in a park. 13 people were shot. the most seriously shot was a 3-year-old boy, shot in the head. he's in critical condition in the hospital right now. incidentally, that little boy 's uncle was one of the victims of a state of violence over labor day here in chicago . the other victims in that shooting, in that park shooting on the south side , their injuries do not appear to be life threatening. many have already been treated and released from the hospital. police very tight lipped. they do say it appears to be gang related and believe it or not, it was only one of a number of incidents overnight. in all, overnight in chicago there were 23 people wounded. two of them fatally. so this is a very violent night in chicago . ironically it comes at a time when police officials saying the murder rate and shooting rate are coming down. murder down 32% and shooting down 22% and murders on track to be the lowest since the 1960s but a very violent night, matt.

>> john, thank you very much.