TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

One woman’s saga to be the ‘First Female Maasai Warrior’

Mindy Budgor, author and self-proclaimed warrior princess, spent 2 ½ grueling months living in the African bush in hopes of becoming the first female Maasai Warrior. She wrote about her journey, from tech withdrawals to the taste and texture of goat blood, in her new book “Warrior Princess: My Quest to Become the First Female Maasai Warrior.”

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>>> most of us have gone through a period when we feel we need to find ourselves. well, mindy was no different. while she was waiting to get into business school she felt the urge to change her life.

>> she did. she packed her bags, grabbed her red nail polish and she headed to kenya because what else would you bring with you. she writes about it in warrior princess . and she made it out of the bush and she is here with us today. what a -- you didn't intend to go become the warrior. that happened when you got there.

>> along the way.

>> it did happen.

>> tell us how that happened?

>> i was 27 years old. i was lost trying to find my purpose and i went to go volunteer in kenya to build the clinic. i was close with some of the warriors and one of the chiefs and went on a hike and said how many women are ware yors. and he said none. women aren't strong enough or brave enough.

>> i said i have to fly around the world to hear the same thing i hear in this country. i said what does it take? he tells me you can only eat what you can kill, you have to live in the forest and you have to protect your tribe. i said that sounds like something i can do.

>> she set out to do it.

>> this is how you describe it. i examined my hands. they looked like they belonged to freddie krugers sister. all that was left was blood and dirt but in a strange way i enjoyed the pain.

>> you liked the grueling experience.

>> there was many times when i wanted to wave the white flag . i was almost swallowed by a hippo hole. hi to climb a tree.

>> he was protecting the tribe.

>> what was your come away from this thing? what will somebody come away with if they read it?

>> dig deep. find your passion. never let no get in your way. if you hit a road block , bulldoze it.

>> this is a great read. you are an inspiration. we have an excerpt on our website klg and

>> we're cheering you on.

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