TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Mad Food Challenge, round two: KLG’s revenge

NBC’s Health and Diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom hosts the second round of the Mad Food Challenge, where Kathie Lee and Hoda pair up with audience members from the plaza in a beverage-fueled duel. Nutrition facts and smack talk are thrown left and right, but did Team KLG cheat?

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>> off the plaza were chosen to our teammates. on team hoda we have patti and mark from florida.

>> and on team kathie lee i have sisters-in-law from orlando.

>> this is all about beverages. i'm going to read a question and give you the answer. anyone on each team can buzz in when you think you know the answer. if someone gets it wrong the other team can buzz back in. let's get started.

>> we're ready.

>> we need about 60 grams of protein a day at least. three glasses of days of one of these kinds of mill k provides half of this [ buzz ]

>> hoda.

>> almond milk .

>> you would be wrong.

>> let's go.

>> cow's milk.

>> the answer was already up here.

>> on the screen. i saw it.

>> that's not fair.

>> well, chrilax.

>> which one of these is higher than 300 milligrams. two 16 ounce mugs of coffee or two shots of expresso.

>> expresso.

>> which one is it?

>> red bull ?

>> no. there you go.

>> that can't -- that's just wrong on every level. no, no.

>> okay. let's move on to soda. so about how many pounds would you lose in a year if you cut out just one 12 ounce can of soda every day.

>> no pressure.

>> 3, 7, or 10 pounds.

>> 10.

>> you are right.

>> 10 pounds. 150 calories a day. you get 10 pounds in a year with one soda.

>> your little victory is dance --

>> this one is a little tougher. which one of these could you eat for the same calories as a 16 ounce glass of cranberry juice in scrambled eggs, piece of canadian bacon , rye toast. six cups of popcorn, or cantaloupe.

>> we are going for the big one people. we're going for a.

>> you would be right.

>> we got that one.

>> that was double or nothing, right?

>> that's 260 calories.

>> it's a tye.

>> can you believe the canberry juice you can have a whole meal for that.

>> how many glasses of champagne will equal the calories in a large strawberry margarita.

>> four.

>> four.

>> we were going to say that.

>> you were going to say that.

>> i have a little trouble seeing this.

>> oh.

>> hello, i'm going around.

>> when the tide turns.

>> no, that's fine. for the next time we do it.

>> so. there is one difference between club soda and seltzer and what is it? the calories, the sodium content or the b vitamin content.

>> there's more calories but it also has more sodium.

>> c.

>> b, sodium content. no calories.

>> okay. double or nothing.

>> okay.

>> now, think on this one. how far would you have to walk to turn off the calories in three regular beers? a mile is about 100 calories. how far would you have to walk.

>> 4.5.

>> 50 calories. you are right.

>> i told you.

>> and the winner is --

>> it's us, double or nothing.

>> everybody wins.

>> everyone is a winner here.

>> thank you very much, jerry.

>> thanks jerry.

>> for one more lousy mug.