TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Ambush! Will the makeover team tame these wild locks?

Hair stylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give head-to-toe makeovers to a 61-year-old Washington woman whose “hair has a mind of its own,” as well as a woman from Michigan who hasn’t worn high heels since 1996. One of the ladies can’t even believe her own eyes at the reveal!

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>>> and time for our plaza ambush makeovers when two ladies from our crowd get new looks.

>> all at the hands of today contributor and designer for the stars.

>> and today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch.

>> jill martin.

>> yes.

>> what about back up singers.

>> they won't let us in.

>> we'll accept it.

>> a beautiful day out there.

>> great day.

>> it's a perfect day . i know it's still summer. we found two great ladies.

>> sally kennedy is our first lucky lady. she told us her hair has a mind of it's own. she was nervous but she was excited to try something new.

>> all right. so we're little a freaked out in this area because you just wake up on a thursday morning and then this.

>> very freaked.

>> a woman of few words. what do you think about this?

>> i'm excited. but nervous. didn't plan on this.

>> it will be great.

>> are you excited to see a whole new wife.

>> sure. sure thing.

>> we're going to take good care of you.

>> okay. thank you.

>> so she is here with her husband, dan. all right. dan, please keep your blind fold on until we give you a green light . here is sally kennedy before. let's see the new you. come on out.

>> wow.

>> wow, sally.

>> take off your blind fold.

>> oh my god.

>> all right. sally, are you ready to turn around.

>> all right. turn right around here.

>> oh my god.

>> it's really you.

>> are you sure?

>> yeah.

>> you're gorgeous.

>> wow.

>> turn right around here and look at camera 12. tell us about the hair.

>> of course i had to keep her blonde. just made it a little darker. it's deeper at the roots, keeps it natural looking. this great hair cut from bridget.

>> love bridget.

>> she can wear it curly or straight because of the long layers.

>> what are we thinking?

>> i didn't recognize her. she looks like katie couric .

>> obviously one of his fantasies.

>> okay. moving on to the dress, look at this hem line, this is the new hem line for fall.

>> below the knee?

>> a little longer. and this is a great pink for fall. not too bright. a little magenta.

>> beautiful.

>> all right. our second lady is marilyn . she is 65 from michigan. and she told us the last time she wore heels was in 1996 . so she was thrilled for the chance to get a glam new look. let's listen.

>> so another surprise victim i should say but i know you're really excited.

>> i am. i am terribly excited. we came down here today just for this hoping to get picked.

>> what are you hoping for?

>> a new style. a new look. a new look. you know, i have worn my hair this way for 100 years and something new would be nice.

>> okay. so we can do whatever we want.

>> well, my boyfriend doesn't like short hair. but other than that, you're okay.

>> all right. lewis, that's your only thing. no short hair.

>> well, the boyfriend is going to love it if it looks great. that i happen to know. she is here with her friend barb. let's take one last look at marilyn before and bring out the new marilyn .

>> oh, yeah.

>> wow.

>> okay. take off those blinders.

>> oh.

>> do you want to turn around marilyn .

>> yes, i do.

>> okay, hon.

>> it's beautiful.

>> oh my gosh. oh my gosh.

>> it's long, see.

>> it's still long.

>> turn around sweetheart and look at camera 12. tell us what you did.

>> this shows that you always have to keep making small changes. at least every couple of years. the change here is she had one long line around the face and it made her face just down. the layers added depth to the color and, again, the make up is minimal.

>> yes.

>> and that dress.

>> it's a maggie london.

>> beautiful.

>> beautiful and such a beautiful hour glass shape and this highlighted that and i love the booties.

>> oh, yeah.

>> very cute.

>> and they're very comfortable.

>> let's bring sally back out. a big round of applause.