TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Terrence Howard reveals fatherly fears, hidden talents

The actor discusses the difficult life lessons and paternal instincts that he tapped into for his role in the upcoming thriller “Prisoners,” in which he stars alongside Hugh Jackman. To lighten the mood, Howard picks up a guitar and croons a Portuguese ballad to the ladies.

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>> much of oscar nominated actorer the address howa -- terrence howard .

>> he was in the butler. so good.

>> now he is saring along side hugh jackman in the big screen thriller opening tomorrow called "prisoners." i watched this film yesterday. this is a tough -- this is every parent -- you have three children.

>> three children.

>> every parent's worst nightmare.

>> then as a grandfather you think you make it through it when your children get older but now i have a 9 month old granddaughter. so have to go through the same fears again and again and again. but as frightening as it is to the human heart , it kind of reminds you to teach your children how important discipline is. when you tell them don't go play near something they need to understand that and they need to listen to that little voice inside of them that tells them when something is about to go wrong.

>> spectacular cast.

>> hugh jackman . what is it like working with him?

>> viola davis plays your wife.

>> she is so strong. i wish i had a real wife that was that strong.

>> no reason to get into that.

>> she is strong.

>> she says more with her face -- she doesn't need words.

>> she doesn't. i feel like i was so creative around her and hugh jackman , the nicest person in the world. everybody says that. every friday he bought 300 lottery tickets and passed them out.

>> are you kidding?

>> every friday to everyone in the crew and we could all scratch out and maybe win $5. maybe win $20.

>> that makes it huge when somebody notices you and says thank you, it's a huge thing.

>> was it tough dealing with that heavy subject day after day .

>> it would have been tough but jake kept us laughing.

>> did he?

>> he's very good.

>> he's so funny.

>> as the police detective who is also very timely in the fact that it seems like one guy is working on this whole case.

>> yeah.

>> so many of these police departments have had to cut back like crazy.

>> but it takes one person that's really committed to finding it.

>> but also, hoda, because you didn't have a chance to see it, it also is very, very human about what would you do in order -- if you had a chance to help find your child, what extent would you go to and where would you cross your own moral lines. you have a line in there that's unbelievable.

>> what do i say.

>> i don't want to give the whole movie away. but you moved us deeply.

>> the point about being human is maintaining that hue of god in us . you can be man which is just animal but that human aspect is our morals and principleprinciples, it's our divinty.

>> the butler.

>> i haven't seen it and hoda loved it.

>> i'm crazy about that movie. did you respect such a response to that movie?

>> not at all.

>> amazing.

>> we jumped in and ran out so quickly. no one got -- everyone got paid scale. there was no money for the budget. so for it to be such a great hit it is just a testament about the artistry and what people really want to see.

>> beautiful movie. you all love that director.