TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

TODAY anchors discuss perils of pushover parenting

Willie, Natalie, and Al discuss parenting tactics after viewing a viral video of an adorable 3-year-old girl who tries to blackmail her dad with love in exchange for a toy pony. Willie’s assessment: “She’s good.”

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>> we have so to show you this video. this is a 3-year-old little girl attempting to blackmail a toy out of her father. you got to watch this.

>> if we get them tomorrow, i'll be mad at you.

>> it's time to go.

>> i can't.

>> why can't you go?

>> i can't without my little pony. there is something about these other horses.

>> these hoshss, so you want these horses? what if i told you we're not getting anything today?

>> if i don't get any horse, i won't be able to love you any mover.

>> you won't be able love me any more, that's it?

>> i will only be able to love my mom.

>> that's it? after all those special times we've had together?

>> oh, wow, she knows how to play him.

>> she is hard door.

>> i got to tell you that, though, i hear that all the time at home. my luke is the exact same way.

>> christine and i call it negotiating with terrorists. you cannot let george get the upper hand.

>> you are done.

>> i got the i won't love you. i have. oh, yeah. you are like, wow.

>> george. he says i am never going to be in this family and he crosses his arms and walks away. with ekind of blow him off.

>> adele la. do you think dad caved?

>> no, i don't think so, i don't think he did.

>> i also love the instinct. we do this too, your kids have a tantrum. you record it. i have no respect for your anger right now. i'm going to record it.

>> i'm going to show it to your girlfriend some die.

>> on youtube shortly.