TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Apply fall fashion trends to your living space

Chassie Post, lifestyle expert at, shares ways to incorporate fall fashion trends into your home without breaking the bank.

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>> al roker always on trend is in the process of redecorateing his home with zebra pillows and snake skin trends.

>> these are not amount the hottest trend, they are here for us from

>> good to see you.

>> last time i saw you, willie and i kissed.

>> you guys, it was a beautiful makeout. part of the youtube sen saegs.

>> yeah.

>> we will keep a safe distance for this segment. we are starting with gold.

>> it really is possible to wear your living room these days. ghold, yes, you can. gold has been major all over the runways. we have seen it in the home decor collections. we are starting with the beautiful rayshum showing us how it's done. she is wearing this sort of gorgeous guilded embroidered dress. what you want to look out for gold this season is sort of a tarnishish gold. it's not super super sheeny.

>> come out here, ned. it's all about the accessory. it's a gold watch.

>> is that a kassio?

>> yes. it is a retrokassio. it's equal parts bling and nerd chic. so we love it.

>> how does that translate then?

>> as if we went from the runway to our living room . list start back here. we have this amazing mirror . it's sort of an updated starburst from martha stewart at home depot . $38. again the sort of rustic finish. it's not too blingy. don't get us started on halloween and chevrons. we are obsessed with it. chevron is sort of the motif of the season. love it inled go. these are diy. these are old fashioned.

>> you get these at a gas station ?

>> you may or may not. so for good old fashion crafternoon, can you do some chevrons. then a lamp. love sort of the antique finish. not too liberacci $52.

>> old school.

>> old school, mad for plaid. it is sort of the pa trompb pattern of punk rock . as you can see, shana has got these amazing sort of skinny pants with sort of punk zippered details by mango $69. guys are if luck. plaid is the single easiest trend to wear ever. you will see a plaid shirt. a plaid scarf.

>> a plaid tie.

>> let's quickly move on to home decor .

>> we like to see the modern home decor . so we got these great plates. you can hang them on the wall. you can eat spice cake and drink some coffee. yep, floor tiles.

>> let's move into the animal prints.

>> now, you may think, how do we incorporate leb ard in our wardrobe and living room . it's super easy. it's all about sophisticated pieces. austin is wearing a pencil skirt. then for the guys, it doesn't have to be pull full of leopard.

>> show the shoes.

>> a little pop. we don't have to go full on leopard. so these are by van $65. i think these are so chic.

>> very cool and a great.

>> home decor .

>> you love a pillow, al. so you can get them in different sizes from zebra to leb ard starting at $29.

>> and snake16 tray.

>> snake16 trays, towel, you name it. it's all there for