TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

‘America’s Got Talent’ winner didn’t expect victory

Multi-talented Kenichi Ebina tells TODAY that he didn’t expect to win “America’s Got Talent,” and the $1 million prize; in fact, he thought he’d end up in third or fourth place! He also shows the anchors a few dance tricks.

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>> we got a new millionaire, not the powerball winner, the winner of the nbc show "america's got talent".

>> last night the big finale in the end it came down to these two....

>> the winner of the $1 million and the star of a headline show in las vegas is...kenichi ebina. congratulations!

>> and here he is! the winner! boy, they sure kept you waiting long enough. what were you feeling in that moment, kenichi?

>> i don't know. it's --

>> did you feel leak you had it for sure?

>> no, i thought, honestly, i thought i would end up with five or 4th.

>> really in.

>> so when i got into the top two, i was like, oh, what am i going to do?

>> had you begun to think before you even won about what winning would mean for your life and your career? had you thought about, well, now i will go on tour, go to vegas, by the way, get a million bucks? or did you have for the wait until you won? did you think about it?

>> yeah, i thought about it, of course. i try not to think about it.

>> smart.

>> yes, i tried to focus on my performance. but sometimes, like, you say.

>> have you even slept? has it sunk in?

>> this last couple weeks, because i need a lot of preparation for my performance. so i had all this thinking, what i do. you know, thinking about the routine, how