TODAY   |  September 19, 2013

Paula Patton’s steamy dance with Al goes viral

On TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Natalie Morales talk about the day’s buzziest topics, including Al Roker and Paula Patton’s steamy dance on yesterday’s show, which quickly went viral on Twitter.

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>> welcome to "today" on this nurse thursday morning, september 19th , 2013 . al, we have some talking from yesterday in there you have some 'esplaining to do.

>> paula patton was here yesterday talking about her new film. a little about her husband, robin thicke and milely cyrus and the twerking.

>> she continued to show some moves.

>> al going, hey, hey, ha i.

>> hey, hey, hey. [ music playing ]

>> willie and i were sitting there, no, this is not happening.

>> he went out and had a cigarette.

>> somebody had to.

>> so we want to know, because debra happened to call you shortly after.

>> completely out of the blue.

>> she didn't even see it. she was coming out of the doctor's office. i said, listen, will you hear from some friends that perhaps there was something inappropriate on the program.

>> she's used to it with you, though.

>> it's like when am i not inappropriate? she could care less, lila on the other hand, dad, mom, why would you let him do this? you know. so, my kids were embarrassed.

>> how guilty did you feel in the moments of that commercial break when you saw debra 's name on the phone?

>> i didn't feel guilty.

>> uconn fessed.

>> i have what's called the debra cringe factor. when i do something, i think, how much is she cringing?

>> apparently lila now.

>> lila criminal hims.

>> that normally happens with a teen ager.

>> this was an eye roll.

>> what else is new.

>> good for her.

>> i'm a twerking purist.

>> that wasn't a classic.

>> she docked that up.

>> what does it take, does this mean you visit a lot of strip clubs in your day this.

>> no, i saw the vma.

>> no, of course not.

>> just wanted to check.

>> bible study for me on the weekends.

>> bible study , it makes you a twerking purist.

>> it was something, not a twerk, but it was something.

>> she's very talented actress 123w4r she really is. she is fantastic. i got to ask you a question. i don't think al and i have ever done this. have you ever purchased a dress?

>> yes, and returned it.

>> but knowing before you left the store, you were going to return the dress, just for a night?

>> listen. i think a lot of ladies boy something. they maybe feel a little buyer's remorse.

>> you never worn something on the air?

>> yes. because in our job, they wore something on air and realize it doesn't look good on camera. i think i have returned it. a lot of stylists do that, too.

>> you don't do it on purpose.

>> not on purpose or with the intent. within i buy, i boy with the intent to keep. buy with the intent to keep.

>> with the intnt to keep.

>> you are on your honor.

>> yes. a lot of ladies do not and, therefore, bloomingdale 's --

>> they are cracking down.

>> i wanted to keep it. i swear.

>> they are cracking down.

>> bloomingdale 's is starting for the crack down. they are putting these tags. this one has been removed f. dress kristen dolgren was wearing earlier. they attach wit this tag there tells you, by the way, remove with caution. it's usually attached like this very visibly on the front. so you will not wear this out or on the air or anywhere else because people are going to see that. in the process of removeing the tag, yes, i had a bleeder. it's like a nasty cut. you can't really see it. i got a little warning, we move with caution is not for the clothing. it's for your finger.

>> i go es the idea for bloomingdale 's is the dress is $150 bucks or more they're putting this on. because there are women who go in. they see the dress and wear it to a party this weekend. i'm going to wear it once and return it gently used.

>> the stores loads about $15 billion a 84 to this.

>> kiss ten doll friend said she bought a dress once and there were armpit stains. there are people out there using it maybe more than once.

>> that's a whole term, they call it wardrobeing attors.

>> i agree, there seeds e nodes to be a crackdown. perhaps this is a way to solve that.

>> by injuring people?

>> maybe a little. you learn how to open these things, but i got to tell you, it's not easy.

>> honestly, i don't know how you feel, i'm too lazy to return things. something doesn't work out right. i put it on a high shelf and hope it goes away.

>> i've donated stuff.

>> yes.

>> do i that a lot.

>> i think that's what most of us do nowadays.

>> guys do not go in with the intent. we boy it, it's done.

>> my husband will be if i by it, does it work? i'm going to go return it for him.

>> you get the credit?

>> then you boy something else.

>> that's a store that i like.

>> the cycle starts all over again?

>> no, no, no.

>> we spend a lot of time in new york city . people spend time in big cities all over the country in cabs. they have a rep takes for being shall we say.

>> odifferent russ.

>> -- odiferous.

>> odiferrous.

>> do you remember the episode on "seinfeld" when jerry is overwhelmed by the b-o in his cart.

>> this is b-o. this is unbelievable b-o. i was at the car wash this morning, a guy told me 38 years in the business he's never seen anything like this.

>> this is bond b-o. it's bbo.

>> it's shrike trip them out, wash them down with a big soapy drush.

>> he's talking about the big valet stunk up his own car. in new york city now new cabs will include an odor-killing system that can help us escape those smells. it will be a filter put in the fabric of the ceiling made with charcoal. so it soaks up the odors.

>> so can you bar-b-que. fantastic.

>> cab drivers will often have their lunch and dinner.

>> they spend a lot of time. you know what i miss? remember the beads that they used to have? those massage beads?

>> they still do.

>> i haven't seen them so much.

>> those new cabs will make their debut october, october 28. they will apparently have sun rooves so you can see the big buildings in manhattan.

>> in case the filter doesn't happen, you can stick out your head.

>> you come out smelling fantastic.

>> the scam that you see in some of these cabs in, no. especially on a hot, summer day, they roll up with the windows closed. so you think the ac is on.

>> oh, ye.

>> you get in, it's bad.

>> it's not working.

>> it's a sauna. the guy has been in there about 12 hours. he's been manner nateing. you know. and --

>> lovely.

>> hope before you get out of the cab.

>> while we're complaining, the shrinking leg room in the back of the cab.

>> please. it's roufr for me. i can imagine.

>> i'm 6' 4." i have to turn sideways like this.

>> i love london cabs. don't you love, even like facing each other like that. that's brilliant. that itself the way the cabs should be made.

>> there is this new thing out that's even better. a little more room. it's called a bus.

>> yes. or the subway.

>> there you go.

>> all right. so we are all in the news business. we all have our moments. no question about it. one guy anchor simon mccoy was introducing a new story wednesday. typically, he carries an ipad with him on the air.

>> don't give it away.

>> let's watch.

>> good morning, welcome to bbc news. plans for privately run drunk tanks to tackle alcohol fueled disorder have been backed by police chiefs. under the proposal, drunk trouble makers will be taken to private firms and have to pay for it once they've sobered up. the association of chief police officers says problem drinking is on the increase and action is needed to deal with it. but the police federation which represents rank and file officers.

>> oh, that's fantastic.

>> he is holding a ream of paper.

>> thinking it was the ipad. he holds his ipad. that's his thing. he reached apparently for ream of paper and didn't realize the weight difference.

>> how many pints did he have before the newscast?

>> simon, simon says, duh.

>> it must be a thing.

>> at what point do you think he realized? it looks like he goes on flawlessly. there he is. making copies.

>> this guy should have been a dunder mifflin .

>> that's pretty great. there is a thing when you stand up on tv, what do you do with the hands? his thing was the ipad.

>> apparently except when you have a ream of paper.

>> cereal box, whatever.

>> i like his tweet. after, it says, stay classy, united kingdom .

>> nice.

>> we couldn't let this moment pass without showing you what natalie's favorite moments here on "the "today show." request itself.

>> the worst.

>> promising new research in the fight against alzheimer's. scientists have discovered a pattern of 23 proteins in a patient's spinal fluid that seems to identify the presence of the disease t. study is being published in the inals of neurology.

>> you who, where did they pull that publication from?

>> i still, i'm shocked i'm still here.

>> were there two nns or the one n in.

>> anals. but in my head, i don't know, thinking body parts.

>> wow, you made a jump from the brain to --

>> remember how you and matt would not let me live that one down.

>> oh, the memories come flooding back.

>> priceless.

>> almost reminiscent of the guy running into the shortstop.

>> the anals of sports history .

>> come on. you've had moments.

>> i had a couple. remember couple springs. let's go out now to miguel in klowado springs.

>> you silly, wabbit.

>> i missed it. i said in colowada springs. both the east and west coast got to hear that. fantastic.

>> thanks, el elmer.

>> on live tv , there is nothing by it.